Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Gumi-si To Hasong-ri

Gumi-si To Hasong-ri
After a good start and some cruisy back roads I was heading to a nice Temple and cool place…I thought.
I got into a large city (which I hate), I sat at traffic lights more time today than the last 20 years in New Zealand.
It was hot, stickie and traffic was a bastid, the engine fan was kicking in and out keeping the wee girl from having a cook up but in the process slowly poaching me inside my riding gear.
I went to a deep dark corner of the city and the GPS was having some issues, it starts with the “No motos on major highways" thing again. 
So having my wits about me again with traffic burling all around me I hadn’t noticed that the GPS was telling me to go around in circles, once I looked up and established this fact I was gutted, prolly spent 30 needless minutes in heavy traffic...yes..fuck it
I knew the direction I needed to go so proceeded to follow the GPS to a point where I could break the cycle and hit it out of there.
So human intervention won and I was on my merry way, the road was larger, the traffic was flowing next thing I am in the 2nd to left lane of 4 and it was a toll road that motos are not allowed on with no way of exiting now, starting to shit myself Mrs.Garmin then says make a U turn….yeah nah, WR is a great bike but able to scale a motorway dividing fence with house and contents…I will send a request to Yamaha.
Too late and committed the Koreans get agitated when motos do wrong shit (motos are not respected here) so I could feel the glare, hitting the 4km long tunnel I just sat with the traffic like nothing was wrong, the lights in the tunnel flashing at me.
Wondering then if they have Korean BBQ in jail the options were pouring through my head like water through a sieve, none making sense…then came the toll gate…the lady was nutting off at me, I couldn’t understand a bloody thing but she was not happy (I am blessed with a 6th sense). 
I smiled and said “English” …. Nope she still yelled so I politely said goodbye and took the offramp 300 meters along, now out of the crap I was on my way again…. now another toll gate….ya shittin me ...but a friendly lady who just looked at me, I smiled stupidly as did she and she waved me through and pointed to the right which was the offramp…saved, I wanted a Pixie Caramel at that point .   
I can see them at their dinner table tonight…
How was your day honey?
Some dumb whiteyfoo came through my office on a little blue motorbike...
So what did you do?
What could I do cos he smiled so I smiled….dumb whiteyfoo.
By this time I had earned lunch, last nights grub which I took a doggy bag away with me cos there was too much, Pork parts and Kimchi, so the pork parts are intestines, stomach, meat and floor scrapings etc.
While sitting at some traffic lights (for what seemed hours) I noticed a seat under a tree so 45 mounted the curb, across the footpath and up to the shadowed seat.
I also had a Korean energy drink which the Police gave me (nutha story) so I gobbed that down along with my misc pork and Kimchi, I was local.
Getting out of town was a relief, got some air under my wings to dry out and apart from 1 or 2 drivers that thought I was invisible the avo went well.

Arriving at Hasong –ri I was spent, the shitty traffic and heat beating me up, found a shag hotel on the main drag north and decided to kip there, my front tyre was going down and I needed a slight repack of an extra bag not currently needed, some dishwashing liquid to hopefully fill the hole and some cable ties to strap up the bag job done.
The only pic worth torturing you with today is the vast difference within meters, so you have farming agriculture rice fields then across the street high rides and shitonnes of em, night and day difference.  


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