Sunday, 11 September 2011

Packing Trial

Andi keeps telling me: "We need to get all our stuff together and try if they can fit in our luggage." "OK, we should do it today."

This is what we did on a Sunday morning. Three sets for everything - maybe one or two more...for Ellen.

                                               this is his pile, much tidier - Well done Andi.

                                           Her's pile in total, impressive aye, got spear room for makeup

All our clothing plus sleeping bags comes two suitcase, leave one top box each for us to fit laptops and other stuff. Now I'm thinking should I bring a dress with me?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

More Setting Out

Well today I located the top boxes so we can pull the seats of with literally mm to spare so as to bring the case as far forward as possible.

With these now in position I have starting cutting the side racks ... bit of a mind twist for the old fella but getting through it.

Then I had an idea cos I am an ideas man, I thought if I mounted the luggage correctly I could carry a spare without hitting my head.

Ideas man strikes again 8-D