Scala Rider for supplying our Scala Rider G9 Communications set, very useful for navigating, avoiding wrong turns and dangers both on and off the road having the ability to communicate on the run saves time and makes navigation much easier and safer.

ARAI helmets are supplying our ARAI XD4 Adventure Helmets the perfect helmet for adventure round the world touring and adventure riding,  having a peak and a visor giving us the touring comfort with the adventure advantage, owning and using our ARAI Chasers we know the quality will see us through the adventure. 

Klim Adventure for Andis riding gear, Klim Adventure Rally Jacket and Klim Badlands Pro Pants ultimate and probably the best and safest adventure gear.

Kevin and Keiko from  Keikos Cottage & Breakfast for the design and drawing of our card and logo - on the right,  please contact them for motorcycle friendly accommodation in Te Anau New Zealand.

Paul Delis and Debbie Allen from Delis Tools for donating Pannier cases and top box and Small front guard mounted spares cases

Paul Delis of  Delis Tools  is now the sole New Zealand distributor of  the Hilleberg Tents, we are  using our Hilleberg Keron 4 GT which has served us well and will be our home for the next 18 Months.   

Jamie Roy, Social Media Consultant for helping us set up this Blog and bring us into the  n e w  age.

Icebreaker for supplying some gear, all our gear is Icebreaker Merino, perfect for wearing day in day out without smelling the place out as well as increased comfort and warmth, see Icebreaker for great Merino kit.

Barb and Vic from Alaska Leather for helping us get off the ground.

Barkbuster Storms supplied by Barkbuster through Bits4bikes keep the hands warm, dry and well protected against the inevitable binning, having used them on all our bikes already they are an absolute must.

Sargent Seats, these are going to be our office seats for the next 18 months or so, Sargent has come to the rescue and will be providing our seats, both of us have chosen the low seat option being longitudinally challenged.

Mike & Mei Dawson Stay@NZ and Linguis International Institute for supplying us some riding gear. Many thanks to Mike and Mei.

Screens For Bikes for supplying our DR650 High Impact Screens these will make life pleasant and provide good protection from the weather, these are the new high impact material so will stand up to the extra torment thrown at them from many miles in harsh conditions and the inevitable binning.

Sidewinder for Ti chains and sprocket for the Suzuki Chains and Sprockets when chain life, durability, strength and reliability are no 1. 


 Motomox.... local NZ business selling proper adventure gear tried and tested in REAL situations not just in a brochure!!!, for the real deal contact the leaders in Adventure Gear Artillery.

Kaiapoi Storage watering our own garden here, our business which we are in with my brother Paul. Located just north of Christchurch city my home town where I was born we offer storage, shifting house?, rebuilding?, storing a Vintage car? need a place to store that boat,?

Give Paul a call and he can sort you out.

Dicon Joseph, Fükengrüver from Anchorage who has been helping point us in the right direction and taking delivery of some items for us.

Alan Todd (Toddy), Fükengrüver from Te Anau, wealth of information having traveled to Alaska and USA, good bastid. 

 Kiwibikers.... local NZ lads with bad ideas that have helped us formulate our getaway plan. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen and Andi! Just Walter here. Wanted to say hello! We couldn't believe we didn't see you guys on the Dalton. Must have missed you somewhere along the way?? Anyway, Hope all is good! I parted ways with two of my favorite people in the world- Matt and Robin, and Klause as well today and I'm riding tearing up in my helmet. I'm on my way home to my girls and can;t wait to see them! it was such a pleasure to meet you two on your journey. Just didn't have the time to drink a little coffee or tea. If you find your way to Montana, give a call. You're welcome to hang at our place as long as you'd like. Take care you guys, hope to see you again soon! Walter

Anonymous said...

Hows the long lunch going.....