Sunday, 20 November 2011


The good man from the courier turned up last Friday bringing gifts, our barkbusters have arrived, next week our LED marker/visability lights arrive then we can fit the lights to the Barkbusters ready to fit on the bikes.

Having used Barkbuster on all our bikes and saved countless clutch and brake levers (as well as hand damage) these will be the ducks nuts for the big trip away, coupled with the Storm guards we have the best combo we can get.

Big thank you to Barkbuster who have sponsored a set of Barkbusters for each bike.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The License ....And The Waiting Game

So today 01st November 2011 Ellen sat and passed her FULL License with honors so now she is legally allowed to ride 250 cc and above thus the DR650 is in danger now. ... based on that .... I am selling my bike cos it will be too dangerous with her on the road. 8-D

The rest of the organization is going very well and we are learning more and more each day about what we need to put in place, reading and following others blogs and RR gives us a huge amount in up-to-date info.

We have ordered our bikes through Alaska Leather to make sure we get them in time for the new season .. that will save a  l o n g  walk.

More to come as we perfect our disorganisational skills...........

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Packing Trial

Andi keeps telling me: "We need to get all our stuff together and try if they can fit in our luggage." "OK, we should do it today."

This is what we did on a Sunday morning. Three sets for everything - maybe one or two more...for Ellen.

                                               this is his pile, much tidier - Well done Andi.

                                           Her's pile in total, impressive aye, got spear room for makeup

All our clothing plus sleeping bags comes two suitcase, leave one top box each for us to fit laptops and other stuff. Now I'm thinking should I bring a dress with me?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

More Setting Out

Well today I located the top boxes so we can pull the seats of with literally mm to spare so as to bring the case as far forward as possible.

With these now in position I have starting cutting the side racks ... bit of a mind twist for the old fella but getting through it.

Then I had an idea cos I am an ideas man, I thought if I mounted the luggage correctly I could carry a spare without hitting my head.

Ideas man strikes again 8-D

Monday, 29 August 2011

Rack Building

So this afternoon I took time out to get my head around how I am gonna do the racks, so take bull by the horns and into it, take one lonely DR and turn it into a work bench

Cut the very first set of brackets, big deal you say but this is the first step in my creation.

Into the SHS for the top case base
Tacked together

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

IceBreaker gear

The nice man from the courier company arrived with two boxes today from Icebreaker, Pursuit Leggings still to come as they are on backorder from being such popular sellers, thank you to Icebreaker for supporting us in our big adventure.

The Bashplate

Our bashplate arrived from GP Custom, beautifully built and strong as an ox.

Prep...Panniers ...

Preparation ... Panniers ...Grab a crate!!

Lots of preparation on the go now, luggage being the main aim to get sorted as this will be home and contents for 1.5 years plus .... now the fun begins.

First get one epic size cardboard box and cut it up to a 40 L pelican style case to establish that it is WAY too big and the wee DiR650 would look like dumbo.

So we have decided on Kincrome cases, extra large which give us 32L capacity on each side plus top box, decided to use this for the top case as well, keep the weight lower.

Preparation.... getting a cases.

So now we have the cases kindly donated through Delis Tools, we are using the Safe Case Extra Large ABS plastic and BRIGHT yello so you will see us from New Zealand.

                                                         This is Pauls "does my hair look ok " photo

The racks I will be fabricating from 19 x 19 x 2mm SHS 350 Mpa, 2mm wall for strength as the corrugated roads and potholes will test the system ... not to mention when the bike gets laid down for a rest at varying speeds

August 16th 2011, Nice Man From Mainfreight Turns Up

He has our pannier racks on board, now is the true start to the fabrication of making it all fit

We looked at buying proprietary off the shelf kits that were going to cost in the region of $1200.00 US dollars complete with pucks etc, instead in order to get exactly what we want for our setup which bring the cases way forward thus bringing the weight central.

Logistics By Andi ... Ideas man

So at this point in time we are looking at squeezing a house load of stuff onto two bikes with a committed space, neither of us are big people and not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger so weight is a big thing.

We are using Tatonka compression sacks to tighten everything down as small as possible, we are using the small one as the fit perfectly into our cases size wise.

So I took 4 320 Icebreakers and T shirt
 Packed them into the compression as you would in a normal bag squeezing them in and it was just over 300 mm long

I then pulled the compression bag down firm but not overly tight thus there would be more to go if you wanted to heave on it and it came down to around 190 mm long
So you can pack quite a bit into these wee bags and make good room for essentials like Chocolate and Wine

Apart from our Tent we want to keep as much as we can within the three cases, safer, cleaner and less windage for Patablowia.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Icebreaker 为我们的旅行提供了美利奴纯羊毛保暖内衣裤。我和安帝一直是Icebreaker 的忠实用户,Icebreaker 曾陪伴着我们走遍天下,同时也是我在新西兰购物的唯一品牌。她的T恤,毛衣保暖轻柔,不变形,不褪色,不用熨烫,既适合运动旅行,也可以当做办公室着装。我从冬到夏一年四季都穿Ice Breaker. 这次我们试着给他们写信,希望Icebreaker为我们提供赞助。他们非常爽快的为我们的旅行提供衣物。感谢Icebreaker。


我们的朋友凯文和可口为两个摩托kiwi设计了徽章和名片。他们在提阿奴(到米尔福德的必经之路)有一个B&B, Keikos Cottages & Bed and Breakfast,如果你到新西兰来,一定不要错过米尔福德峡湾,当然也不要错过凯文和可口的热情款待哟。

Sunday, 14 August 2011



我们决定用Kincrome 的32升文件箱做我们的行李箱。这些文件箱防水,防震,可以上锁,重量轻,是我们旅行的理想选择。



Tuesday, 9 August 2011


 铃木摩托车- DR650 - 2辆
Garmin GPS-2个-摩托车专用
Touratech GPS 锁
30 升 safari油箱
Oxford 电热车把 
Kincrome 侧行李箱-每人二个共4个
行李箱的架子 - 安帝设计制作
Storm 护手板两套
Ortlieb 35升防水袋一个
1包 安全橡胶行李绳

21 英寸前内胎
17 英寸后内胎
RTV 一管
Cable ties
Brake Lever
Clutch lever


Shoei Hornet 头盔
Revit Sand 摩托服
Forma 摩托靴
Octane 8 饮水背包

Coleman 508 支持多燃料灶
Trangia 锅盆
Sea to summit 餐具
咖啡壶 .

Vaude 睡袋- 安帝
Katmandu Dryheat 睡袋-
Hilliberg GT 4 – 帐篷
Exped 9 – 床垫
6x4 米塑料苫布
帐杆 x 2
固定签子 x 6

GoPro HD 防水相机
Sonim phone 手机

Tatonka 压缩袋
Tatonka 防水袋