About us

We are Andi Delis, 44, Quantity Surveyor and Ellen Delis, 43, Chartered Accountant. Ellen was born and grew up in Beijing; I am born and bred in Christchurch.

We will be flying from New Zealand May 3rd 2012 to Anchorage in Alaska, we will have a two week build and shake down run before setting off around Alaska for approx one month, we will go up the Dalton highway to Deadhorse at Prudhoe Bay then over to Canada to the Dust To Dawson Fükengrüven gathering.

From Dawson we will be heading down via the west coast and making it in time for Laguna Seca MotoGP 2012 where we will be meeting up with a friend Shann Florer, we will also be looking around Sequoia Park and Yosemite Park and Bonneville before heading down to Mexico, Panama the into Colombia to start the South American part of our journey. 

Plan is to ride down the west coast and try and have Christmas Day 2012 in Ushuaia depending on how the traveling goes, from Ushuaia we plan to turn around and zig zag our way back up with no particular place to go.

Pictured below Ellen and I with my trusty ol DR650 which stays home alone and livened up again on our return back to our home in Wanaka New Zealand.

A small video .... not very hooligan but something to celebrate Ellen's full licence, she is my hero and my queen for an outstanding job and now riding the ol Dr650 with authority (not to mention legally), so this was a trip we did to Te Waewae Bay, great day out and a beautiful place, GO Chiwi!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is a great blog and a great ride. My wife and I have done a similar if not shorter ride and enjoyed every minute. If you don't mind, may we put a link on our adventure riding blog,
Hopfully you could get some more visibility.

Have a great time on your trip!

Mike and Kim

Joe said...

Sounds like you guys are already having a great adventure. Hopefully we will see you along the way in South America. We are planning on leaving in September from Colombia, traveling the west coast and being in Ushuaia 12/21/2012 (you know, the end of the world). We are calling our trip Ride to the end of the world ^2 www.rideeow.blogspot.com.

Randy Farnes said...

Sure looks like fun. I hope to see you along the way or meet up in Ushuaia as well. I'm departing from San Francisco Oct. 21.

Now webpage yet, but you can email me at randy@randyandcindy.com if you want to stay in touch.

Safe Travels.


Saralou170 said...

Hey we passed you on the road just east of Braeburn in the Yukon! We are in Rexburg just finished the Gravelly Range Road! Awesome. Sara & Daniel worldwideride.ca

Unknown said...

Sayulita is a must! Yelapa is amazing too, but reportedly quite challenging by road even with an experienced guide. Most of the year access is by water only...but check out Cafe Bahia there!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, this is Jim in Denver. It's still dry up here if you want to come visit. Happy Holiday and I'll be in Phoenix late March 2013 if you can hang on for a bit.

Martin said...

Hi Andi & Ellen, Great site!

It would be great to add you / your blog to OverlandSphere.com, please let us know or register on the site,

Safe Travels

Martin & Nicole

Unknown said...

Did you no this weekend one year ago was when you had your Kick Andi & Ellen out of wonker I dont remember it well LOL Hope its all going well for you guys love seeing what your up to miss you heeps Bex Cameron & Hayden DUNEDIN

Unknown said...

We had an intresting conversation with the guy from British Columbia on a Kawasaki. We are in Vermont. We would like to do the same. Have a safe & fun trip & best wishes to get well soon Daren & Kimi in Bennington,VT.

Claudia and Ingo said...

Hi you two,

we got your contact from Sara and Daniel Pederson from Vancouver. You are obviously heading towards us. We are a couple from Switzerland travelling on 2 BMWs. We have just finished with South America, where we stayed for the past 6 month. We are now in Panama City and will be heading north tomorrow. We are on www.Reisemotten.com, if you want to share a beer once you are Closer to us. Many regards, Claudia and Ingo

Anonymous said...

If you guys get to Panama give me a call, I am also in Costa Rica quite often but live near to David. If I am home there is plenty of room to stay here if you want.
normanonthehill at yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a trip you two are on!!

Just wanted to post to say Wanaka is my favourite place on the planet!

I come from the Sth Island as well but live in sydney for now. Just bought a new F700GS as my first adventure bike which I hope to take back to NZ when I move back in 2014.... might see you riding around those wonderful Central Otago roads!

Have a great trip - madly jealous!