Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Our leaving party

We had our leaving party twice. First one was in Christchurch 14th April with family and some of our friends. We thought it would be a biggie, so I slept in and prepared for a later night. You know what, by half past ten, everyone was gone. We both sit in the couch and wonder, what are we do now? We didn't expecting That! Never mind, we still love you  - friends and families ... despite your age and ability to go to bed early!! 8-)
Party in Chch
Our Friend Elly and her children
The Delis Children
Our second leaving party was the 21st April. We told everybody the party would start from 4pm. Our first guest arrived at just after 1 o'clock. We were still busy doing our last minute shopping, the phone rang, it was Hayden, from Dunedin. He asked "Where are you?" :"we are shopping. Where are you?" "I'm at your place." "oh, the door is open and help yourself. We will be home in five." " I did he said, see you soon." Just as well we left the door and garage wide open (as we always do, this habit will be changed on our trip).

More bikes arrived
Not long after 2pm, Nine and his wife Kim from Bannockburn called in and then mad German Hans and Ken from Balclutha are here as well. It's good when you have more than one guest, they start to entertain among themselves. I carried on trying to get my kitchen presentable and Andi busy getting the bus ready for Mal and Cag from Kingston to sleep for the night.

Then people started to arrive after 4pm, then more and more people arrived, friends, neighbours, bikers and dodgy Wanakarites... We didn't do a head count, but we believe it would be around 50 people. At one stage, people were in the garage, in the house, out on the deck, everywhere. It was great to catch up with friends before we are leaving and also nice to see every one was having a great time, eating, drinking and chatting.

The best news are our friends in Wanaka are still party animals. I finally went to bed about 1am and Andi was about 1 hour later.
Left is Richard, centre Gary,  right hand side half of Cag .... John reinventing the world in the background .... people everywhere
Mad German - Hans (from Catlins) and Kevin (from Te Anua)
Marg and Ellen ... and Richard WTF ..two chicks!!!, right Hayden ...mostly there!
Sunday the 22nd April Ellen was woken up by some strange noise. She got up, it wasn't anyone in the house. Then Ellen heard Hayden - he slept in the lounge last night, called me: "Ellen, do you by any chance have any panadol?" "Sure, are you not well?" "No" he sounded really sick. So Ellen got him some panadol and a glass of water to fend off a bad case of Bottle Flu.
Hayden after the party way less than mostly!!

While other drunken bums and overstayers awake, Hayden still in his deepest hangover. He was moaning :"help!" Hans - the mad German didn't show any sympathy, "Who is having a baby? We are not doctors, you can't have it!' We all laughed. Poor Hayden remained in bed until Lunch time.
Breakfast time

Ellen really felt it was more like a motorcycle rally than a party. We are feeding eleven people for breakfast, (one dead- so only 10). Bacon and Eggs are on the menu, along with coffee, coffee, more coffee. After long hard night, that was all people need.

After lots of hugs and kisses, we finally kicked most of the people out off the house, apart from Hayden ...  who was still dead.

We want to say thank you so much to everyone and especially those who came to our party, we will see you again in a couple of years at our returning party.