Sunday, 14 June 2015

New Zealand - Back Home

Back home in Wanaka now after 3 years and 2 weeks or 1109 days away, been unpacking crazy time.

Our house looked like some cardboard boxes had exploded ....which they had.

IMG_8616 by Ellen Delis, on Flickr

We were suprised how much stuff we had and how many clothes we have, Ellen went mountain biking and it took her ten minutes just to decide which gear to use.

May the 20th came around, our 9th wedding anniversary, Ellen got a nespresso coffee machine

IMG_8805 by Ellen Delis, on Flickr

....and I got a Sherco 4.5i, seemed fair.

Her name is Novia (Girlfriend in Spanish) FFS DON'T tell Maya

356909783 by Ellen Delis, on Flickr

356909196 by Ellen Delis, on Flickr

Bro was coming down from Christchurch so he brought it with him …well done that man, when he arrived it was like Christmas, his Beta 498 and my Sherco 450 on the trailer looking ready for action and the fact of seeing Paul and Debbie again was wicked cool being he is my identical twin bro.

I have work coming in but not for a another week or so, Ellen started on the Monday after we got back (full time if she wants it) so small adjustments to be made.

All in all Wanaka is beautiful, not perfect but pretty fuckin good and compared to anywhere we have been in the last three years it still rate No 1.

So we have been busy as doing domestic stuff, a nice change from travelling …but not as cool.

Our base of friends here in Wanaka are still an awesome bunch of OAH’s (Old Age Hooligans) and still in fine form, the Wanaka Motorcycle Club going well.

Interesting the changes that have gone on since we have been away, way more houses and the place has grown big time, luckily still no Mc Dees, KFC or traffic lights WOH HOH.

My groan at cellphones is still rife but it would seem that smarts phones have invaded and imbedded themselves.

I have a great Sonim waterproof phone with a 3 month standby time battery but the numbers and letters are small and although I can see through a bra at 200 meters the shit right in front of me is fury … or my arms have gotten shorter so the big old folk numbers on an iphone etc are welcomed and beat bifocool glasses …. thus I might have to eat some of my own words however I still refuse to have an answerphonesecretarykinda thingy.

Yeah that’s right if you ring and I don’t answer I am not there ….and my smart phone will tell me I missed a call from you so I am not sure why I need a message as well, starting to sound old now but some things are still worth more than gold and that is your own time and space...make the most of it

Now, back to moto stuff (sorry Graham and Andi) ((our cool neighbours in front of us who stalked us all the way)), the new (ish) Sherco is a 2008, only has 65 hours and is quite simply a weapon, I will keep her under the covers so the Russians don't see her , her name is Novia which means girlfriend in Spanish, she is a feisty young thing.

Novia has more grunt than a paddock full of pigs and only weighing in at 109 kg (some 90 kg lighter than Maya before adding house and contents) when you crack it open you have to be seriously pointed in the right direction cos you ARE going there and at pace, while she can get off her arse in style she is not as angry as a KTM 450 etc so kinda nice, she is fuel injected too and the mapping is surprisingly good.

In my quest to go lighter I have found my direction, so Novia will be kitted out with more gas capacity etc, being as light as she is will make her a dream to take a good look around the next corner which in New Zealand we have a lot of.

Like I always say you have to love what you ride and when I push the start button on Novia that little hooligan kid feeling comes over me and the devil shoots the angel clean off my shoulders and the all important part is she turns man parts from kindling to wood.

Life wise, having read a lot about post trip depression etc I am very aware of what can go wrong after the big one.

A pattern that seems to follow through is returning to no home or a small flat, no work etc so we have been keeping busy enough, we both still are alive with travel fever and know this is the interim to the future, why could you not be positive about this.

I guess we are very lucky to live where we do too, this is our view normally

IMG_8622 by Ellen Delis, on Flickr

This was our view after mum nature bought us a polar blast off the Antarctic, beautiful.

IMG_8641 by Ellen Delis, on Flickr

IMG_8640 by Ellen Delis, on Flickr

I have to say both of us are in great spirits and now we are back into mountain biking etc which is well cool.

I think the key is to keep busy and yes get to work (sorry for swearing) if you need money and get back into life, it may not be as free and easy as travelling but when you are standing, alive and well and dreaming of you next big adventure …well shit what more can I say.

A Special Part To Think Positively About Life - For Big Kev a WMC member.

It would be about 12 years ago I started what we call the WMC, The Wanaka Motorcycle Club.

It has bought about 50 - 60 riders in a town of 6000 together and formed a great based of moto head friends and off moto friendships.

I want to write a small blurb for a great member of ours Big Kev.

While it is easy to get consumed with a great trip away time has to be taken to stop, take a look around and appreciate your family and friends.

Big Kev has always been an active member in our club, on our "Round The Blockers" weekend ride he was always there, track days for a blast on his 2.3 liter supercharged Triumph, general rides and social gatherings.

Big Kev is fighting relentless cancer which has seen him sidelined recently, I want to wish Big Kev all the strength to fight and I know I say this from me, the WMC and every moto head I know as well as family and friends that feel the same.

Stand tall my friend.

Thanks for reading and take the time to consider your time.

Cheers Andi