Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Prep...Panniers ...

Preparation ... Panniers ...Grab a crate!!

Lots of preparation on the go now, luggage being the main aim to get sorted as this will be home and contents for 1.5 years plus .... now the fun begins.

First get one epic size cardboard box and cut it up to a 40 L pelican style case to establish that it is WAY too big and the wee DiR650 would look like dumbo.

So we have decided on Kincrome cases, extra large which give us 32L capacity on each side plus top box, decided to use this for the top case as well, keep the weight lower.

Preparation.... getting a cases.

So now we have the cases kindly donated through Delis Tools, we are using the Safe Case Extra Large ABS plastic and BRIGHT yello so you will see us from New Zealand.

                                                         This is Pauls "does my hair look ok " photo

The racks I will be fabricating from 19 x 19 x 2mm SHS 350 Mpa, 2mm wall for strength as the corrugated roads and potholes will test the system ... not to mention when the bike gets laid down for a rest at varying speeds

August 16th 2011, Nice Man From Mainfreight Turns Up

He has our pannier racks on board, now is the true start to the fabrication of making it all fit

We looked at buying proprietary off the shelf kits that were going to cost in the region of $1200.00 US dollars complete with pucks etc, instead in order to get exactly what we want for our setup which bring the cases way forward thus bringing the weight central.

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