Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Logistics By Andi ... Ideas man

So at this point in time we are looking at squeezing a house load of stuff onto two bikes with a committed space, neither of us are big people and not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger so weight is a big thing.

We are using Tatonka compression sacks to tighten everything down as small as possible, we are using the small one as the fit perfectly into our cases size wise.

So I took 4 320 Icebreakers and T shirt
 Packed them into the compression as you would in a normal bag squeezing them in and it was just over 300 mm long

I then pulled the compression bag down firm but not overly tight thus there would be more to go if you wanted to heave on it and it came down to around 190 mm long
So you can pack quite a bit into these wee bags and make good room for essentials like Chocolate and Wine

Apart from our Tent we want to keep as much as we can within the three cases, safer, cleaner and less windage for Patablowia.

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