Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Western Most Point USA

Greetings all, well today (Tuesday 15th May) was very cool, beautiful day to play with greeted us through the curtains, we are lucky enough to be staying with Charlie at his home in Homer so 5 star.
We set off for a ride to Anchor Point the Western most point you can drive to, we were greeted with breathtaking views and a nice still day.

A total thrashing with the camera and poses galore we recorded our stop at Anchor Point, from there we went up to Nickolaevsk a Russian settlement with a beautiful church.

We headed back to Homer again to record our “been there done that and got the T shirt” in front of the Homer sign .... as ya do!!

Back for a quick lunch then off to See Dean at Full Power then out to Voznesenka however Ellen decided it was time to lay Chiwi down for a rest .. but she did this at a busy intersection much to the interest of other traffic., kids do not try this at home!!!
I went back to rescue the stricken maiden and her lovely stead, my “kiwi made” crash boards have paid their way and the Barkbuster storms have probably saved us a hundy on levers already!
Only two minutes later .... take two, we pull up to Deans shop and bang down she goes again from car park on an angle and some bad estimating, this time Dean had the honours of righting Chiwi back to rubber side down.  
After recomposing our fair maiden again and standing round in the sun having a chat we set off to Barb and Victors cabin then headed out to Voznesenka, at the end of the road is a groovy track down to the sea.

With Charlie on his Wing and Ellen learning her skills the hard way I was the only one to go down, it was worth it and pretty easy but it woulda been a little more than Ellen’s current skill level.  

After looking around we headed back for home where Ellen redeemed herself with a great feed of tempurad Hallibut. 


Mrs Shrek said...

Hope Chiwi is over her tiredness and stops taking those cat naps at the most inconvienient times

'Shrek said...

just threaten to post up the pic's if she does it again lol...

thats what I did with Kathy!!! & it worked lol