Sunday, 15 July 2012

Edmonton With Dickie And Elaine

Dickie (Mark) and Elaine from our Wanaka Motorcycle Club in Wanaka New Zealand were over in Edmonton, Elaines mum and dad live there and this was Dickie and Elaine’s last part of their trip in Canada before heading home.

It was decided a couple of weeks prior that we would make the effort and travel down to Edmonton to catch up with them knowing we wouldn’t see them for another two years.

The ride from Jasper to Edmonton was not one we would do again as it was LONG and STRAIGHT so not DR650 country but for us it was the easiest way to get to see them, when we exited Edmonton we took the back roads.

Great catching up with them, plenty of lies and wine was drunk so just like home.

We also checked out a RSV4 Tuono that Dickie was keen on. ... suits you sir.!! 

So for us it was a change the oil, meet up old mates, make new mates and see the old mates leave Canada without flogging anything ... it worked.

The after match function from the final family do turned into quite a session with Cam (from NZ) and his girlfriend Jodi joining in with family and friends and the drunken bums and kiwis overstayers.

A final goodbye and photo (we were here) before we put on all our riot gear and rode off to our next destination ... place unknown.

Great to catch you guys, nice little touch of home, many thanks to Collin and Elma for putting up with us and having us stay.

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