Thursday, 5 June 2014

Going Off The Rails .... Train Wreck

Well not quite like it reads but something cool anyway.

For some it is a junk yard, for some it is a gold mine, for us it was a neat afternoon of some prehistoric metal horses and acrobats.

As it would happen about 20 minutes after we arrived, at first it was "argh ... groan" more gringos to stuff up our peace and quiet..... b u t we were pleasantly surprised to learn most were Colombian and of coarse very nice guys.

I proudly showed them my Colombian wrist tie and my Bogota wrist tie that I bought on my birthday in Bogota as a good luck charm. It was one of my most memorable birthdays spending it with Dan and Sara, Salvi and Pau and we had a blast, out clubbing, eating, drinking etc ... yeah

Now these guys walked the tight rope and had skills, one particular fello was outstanding and his balance world class, while others were trying to walk the rope he was jumping and turning like he was on flat solid ground

Our man of talent

A great afternoon in the Bolivian sun with the warmth from the sun quietly grooming our backs and the shadows reminding us of our altitude

Ellen enjoying the afternoon sun, it was very relaxing to say the least

Our quiet afternoon turned into an event and we turned it into a photo sesh as well.

A wreckage and a train

The Mayan playing hide and seek

We played with the sun and the rusted metal and we swung on the swing

Balance at its best, this guys had real talent.

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