Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Neuquen, Dust, Doctors, Dentists and Distress.

A done deal, arriving at Victor and Lilianas we were welcomed in, me with grubby hands sent to the wash room cos food was being served.

By this time I had perfected my stuffed mullet look of tiredness

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We were given Sofias room (their daughter), a comfortable bed for me was just mint.

Still feeling pretty crook with sweats at night etc I was not amused but not much I can do other than let it runs its course so bedtime means sheet management .

We had good chats and larfs all in spinglish, still no drinks for me being on meds so Fanta was my savior.... at least it was orange .

My little smell of wine so I didn't feel left out

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Given things were not really improving much we asked Victor about a good doctor, he organised me to see a good local guy, get X rays or head and chest etc and a blood test .

While we had time and medical service we also wanted to get a dental check, both of us had a niggle tooth and Victors friend happened to be a dentist and he rides KTM 990 Adv R.

I was shitting myself about having a blood test, make no bones I fucking hate needles ….I would be a useless druggie.

Anyway, in order to bust the nuts of whatever has been plaguing me I got the lot.

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So, Sinusitis, viral meningitis, vial pneumonia all on the table but really it is just a head cold and I am a pussy.

After puncturing me, seeing right through me and now having better picture of my broken ribs from Guatemala they gave me some kickarse Antibiotics to slaughter the Sinusitis but for the viral part it is my bodies job to fight it off with time.

Now to socialize, for me not a lot as I felt like shit, could not drink any grog and generally felt unsociable.

Every Wednesday night the boys have a moto petrolheads asado, usually at Victors cos he has a kickarse asado and a home brewery with a glass wall that looks into the garage at his KTM 990 Adventure….talk about good setup!!!! … just needs a dancing poll to complete it.

He invited us to stay for that, the doctor then said my results were not through until Thursday so it was on.

Everyone chips in a set amount each time, everyone brings wine or bear, everyone brings their own cutlery being timber asado cutting board, fork and extremely sharp knife, that way Victor does not end up doing a tonne of dishes each time.

The asado went down well, wine was drunk, beer was spilt and drunk, BS talked....a fine evening

Lucky Victor had 3/4 beast to burn so we were all very well fed, Ellen also filling the space with dumplings which was a winning combo.

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Liliana ungiltingly stealing a dumpling

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The funny thing is, normally Victor provides the beer but he had run out, one amigo owns a heladaria (icecream shop), he could not make it so no icecream, another amigo owns a empanadaria (empanada or pie shop) and he could not come either.

For me this was all celebrated with 5 mm of wine, a mere taste to celebrate.

The new batch of beer being made with precision measurement and love

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While staying with Victor and Liliana they needed to shift some BIG sheets of 18 mm flooring from the third floor of a building, it was decided I wasn't well enough to help .... like fuck!!! ...lemme in on it and give me a purpose, the exercise catching and landing the sheets was mint, was exactly what my old bod needed, "Use it or lose it" .... not a truer word

Send her down lads!!!

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Got my flash as Michael Jackson gloves on I was rockin

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Facundo, a member on ADV rider had been following our report, he lives only 12 km from Victor as it turned out so we had a neat lunch by the riverside before he went to work, turns out we are the first Kiwis and the first ADVers he has met so pretty neat.


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He is an electronics electrical engineer in the food processing area so was very busy with work and making sure the electronics side of things did what it was meant to.

The motos parked at the river

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Finally getting my results sortof back …. the doctors can’t pinpoint exactly what I have but they have labelled it viral and the sinusitis as well, the bottom line is you lot are still gonna haf ta put up with me .

They could turn me into a pin cushion then at the end of the day being viral there is nothing they can do so no needles wins for me (no more crying)

Getting sorted at the dentist was excellent, Gustavo the dentist has some cool toys and expensive kit, his clinic known as the best in town.

Being friends of Victors he looked after us well and went to extra lengths to makes things good.

Discussions were had at the petrolhead night, Gustavo offering his holiday house at Lake Moquehue, turns out this was just south of our chosen exit border being low in elevation so it was perfect, nothing could go wrong now we are sweet .

Come time to leave we said goodbyes to Victor & Liliana, we can’t thank them enough for the help they gave us but we know they will come to New Zealand and we will get to reciprocate.

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Life is good.

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