Sunday, 15 November 2015

6 Months Home Today

So greetings all, today November 16th 2015 means we have been home 6 months today from some of the coolest and hardest times of our lives, introducing ourselves back to the human species has been interesting, rewarding, challenging, fun, sad and awesome.

The loss of big Kev while not unexpected knowing he was ill was a huge punch in the head and still remains hard to take.

We personally are great, Ellens work is coming together as is mine, one busy week, one not so busy so no stress and all good, our house took a beating from our tenants who thought rent meant wreck, fuckin oxygen thieves but in the big scheme of things it is nothing.

Maya is home and being the graceful old retired granny in the corner watching the young punk M go out and play, M is the new 690 M is short for Maya Mini Me, 138 kg of entertainment and neat to ride.

[​IMG]IMG_9218 by Ellen Delis, on Flickr

In progress of life we sold our house and plan to build another, will have our feet on the ground here for another 3 years with only shorter trips away then we will hit it again ... that my friends can't come quick enough...but I suspect it will.

I have been over the reigns for our Wanaka Motorcycle Club doing the club captain thing and helping with the lads running trips and monthly gatherings at pubs etc so back into life full on, anything less means wasting time and ending up watching bullshit on TV. 

Other than that life is as normal as life is within in the TMK household and life is good, best to all you guys and your families, make the most of what you have available and most of all wear that fuckin moto grin wide with pride!! 

To finish off, "You Can't 'Google' Experience" ... grab those bars and go offline!!

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