Sunday, 24 June 2012

Denali High Way

Denali High Way
Tuesday 19th June, we left Denali National Park and turned on to the Denali High Way. This road was the only one before Parks Hwy to connect Denali National Park. It closes in winter, only open in summer - which means three weeks ago.

The weather was beautiful, blue sky with sun shining. We can almost see the whole of Mt Denali in the distance. The road is pretty much like the one to McCarthy, the only different is  - 200km of pot holes instead of 100ks. The scenery is beautiful though. We sat in the middle of the road had our lunch. Maybe we haven’t mentioned the variety of camping food you can buy in US yet , they are very tasty and full of chunky vegetables and meat. What you only need to do is to open the package, pour hot water in and it is done. They are not cheap, around $6-7 each, but for a full hot meal in the middle of nowhere, that is great value. We have been eating lots of them while we are camping especially when it is cold. 
There was two cyclists that had stopped as all the air in his tyre had gone to the top so we stopped and offered help or parts however they were all kitted and on the job.
Chiwi decided to have another rest, yet again Barkbusters earning their keep.

It didn’t take too long for us to get to the end of the gravel road. We found a camping ground in Tangle Lake. Just as we set up our tent, a mummy moose with her two calves were grazing nearby, that was a very nice welcoming.

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Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you two again in Dawson. Hope you had a great ride to Inuvik.

Ride safe.