Monday, 18 June 2012

Fairbanks To Denali
Well exciting times having less to pack from Fairbanks with some lite fingered shithead flogging our ipad2, never mind it is only a material item.

When we were at the Nui with the Police we spotted this, to me this a great way not to pack 

We stopped at Nenana for lunch and visit o the local museum etc, pretty cool place,

Wifi wasn't runnin real quick so we took a quick look ... 

We arrived safe and sound at Denali National Park and set up camp at Riley Park Camp which has great facilities and a nice location.

We took the 92.6 mile trip by bus as you are only allowed private vehicles so far, we had stunning weather on the way in right to the end then thunderstorms and lightning on the way out so the best of both worlds ... but lightening does not flash backwards here Kiwis ... it’s just the same as ours except bigger.

Mt Denali standing at 20327 ft still played hard to get as it creates its own weather system due to its shear size, amazing that it has such an effect on surrounding areas.

Mount Denali is hidden under there somewhere

Wonder lake with approaching thunderstorm

Arty stuff

This did not stop the grizzlies, Caribou and various assortments from putting on a show tho, Two Photo Kiwis took advantage of this and we hope you enjoy these from the safety of your arm chair. (not that it was that bad for us either to be honest).


Moose with decent set of trees on top

Kiwi Moose with large appendages

They even had exotic Asian Moose

They call these Sheep over here, we in New Zealand would call them a roast

A real Caribou with big sticks

My new girlfriend, she was absolutely beautiful

Denali Local Stuff Relax Day
Today June 18th was a relax day, we went to the Visitors centre and watched a vid of Denali National Park, this was o u t s t a n d i n g to say the least.

After that we went to the Dog Sled set up which was well cool, a live demo was done and everybody clapped or they were trying to smack the mozzies....not sure.

On conclusion of that we headed in the roaring metropolis of Denail township to get some food for the trip we had planned to Savage River, I thought Ellen was very optimistic with her time schedule and it turned out that I was very right ... although she wouldn’t admit it.

This changed the game plan somewhat since we missed our bus so we walked up to a very flash Hotel, we went in and checked out the view which was pretty good.

A large Viaduct that could be seen from up there

Ellen was totally amazed by the Hotel so bein a romantic kinda guy I thought what the hell we have been doing it hard so I took her back for another walk passed the hotel... she is one lucky gal.

From there we walked back to the camp and got stuck into tea, nice relaxing day with a few exercise km’s under the belt to keep a reasonable level of fitness.

Padders ... this hat good enough?

Tomorrow we set off to Denali Highway and beyond... more then, chur dudes and dudesses.

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