Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Caught By The Wolves In Phoenix

Couldn't believe it, was out on a ride around Phoenix, was riding down the road minding my own business ..... the DR swerved all by itself into a back street and turned into a carpark.

Not sure what to do I went into the shop..... turns out it was Zen Motocycle

So with Dillons help he sorted us out for luggage for Maya

1 x Wolfman Large Duffle 

2 x Wolfman Tank Panniers

1 x Wolfman Tank bag

Also picked up screen, bars and front guard so came away with everything we needed.

So with our new setup on Maya we are running full Wolfman soft luggage setup complete.

These are them.

Maya comes with the two Wolfman Expedition rear panniers and a Giant Loop Coyote bag, we won't be using the Giant Loop Coyote Bag so that will be up for sale.

Can't speak highly enough dealing with Dillon at Zen, free plug for a good man.

Ph 480 600 2978

GIve him a call or email as he can sort you out for pretty much anything.

Now we just need Maya to turn up !!!!

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