Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mazatlan to San Blas

Upon leaving Mazatlan we said goodbyes, it was already 30 something degrees c when we mounted up and put our riot gear on at about 9.30 am and very very sticky, I was wet with sweat before we even left.

Again we took the libre (free) road as it was quieter than the cuota (Toll) road and LOT less expensive, the speeds that we are doing we make no ground on the cuota roads and the libre roads always go through villages and town which is why we are here is to look at the place.

The trip was uneventful apart from one wrong turn thankfully as Ellen is riding with only half the footing capacity.

Arriving at San Blas it was 38 degrees c and REALLY sticky, we found a hotel and decided to stay, they had a secure yard and a pool (as we later found out) so game on, I took the bikes in and there was a BMW 650 already parked there.

In through reception

The owner Marco turned up shortly after and we got chatting, the were too others there as well Andy and Andrew .... cool easy to remember.

So we had 3 DR650s, 1 BMW650GS, 1 KLR650 so we were comparing notes and chatting about our mods, setups, hiccups etc which was great fun.

Nothin but front row seats for Hobbit to watch TV 

Looks like Hobbit picked up some freeloaders too

Tea time was knocking so we all headed off to a local taco place (patten forming here) and had a feed, 36peso each which is about $2.70 we had a huge feed, very very nice indeed.

Town buildings

After tea we sat in the town square and chatted some more about Burt Munro, John Britten, and bikes in general, great to talk with Andrew how is an enthusiast like me, by this time the temperature had plummeted to 29 degrees C .... time to bust out the puffy jacket.

Ellen headed of to bed early being tired so I took the time to get this ride report up to date for you lot!!! 8-D

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