Friday, 17 May 2013

Our Trip is On Hold Again

Good afteernoon all

Sorry for not much happening on here of recent.

In the next few days things will be updated, I will (we) will have plenty of time as I binned Maya two days ago, I have two broken ribs and unable to ride for at least 4 weeks up to 6 weeks.

Ellen is OK, the bike is ok so we just have to get me fixed up.

Anyway, luv to all and we will update stuff soon.


Nick Hay said...

Thats Tough news. At least the two most important things are ok ! Hmm, guess thats not very funny...

Colin Rowse said...

Rib's ahy, well we better not tell you any jokes had we !, look after yourself, they will mend.

Anonymous said...

Big sigh of relief that it sounds like Andi and Ellen are okay. Hang in there you two. -Lance the American

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are OK, take care out there. Swerve