Wednesday, 21 January 2015

La Falda To San Augustine

We had done what we could do and the owners had arrived back from their expedition to a nice clean and tidy house with mowed lawns and plus we did some extra fixits stuff so they were very happy.

A tooth had been giving me some little indications of needing a look so it was a quick blast to the dentist… much fun can you have in one afternoon.

Making our way west again we headed for San Juan with the vision of lining up the national parks and some passes, our first point of interest was the road we were not on due to last years epic floods that claimed the lives of Argentinians and Uruguayans.

P1220402 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

P1220389 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Opting for the usual back road approach lead us through some neat territory and head on into another thunderstorm.

P1220356 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

This time with one road through one gully there was no way out for us but our timing saw us ride through it and reach tarseal before the shit hit the fan completely.

P1220379 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

That U shape in the middle is where the road goes and where we met the storm ....nutha wash

P1220365 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Finishing with that storm another one approached from the left, as luck would have it we skirted our way around it with only a few drops on the window, 5 minutes late woulda been a different story.

P1220372 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Passing all the sky fury it came out into blazing sunshine and a sauna and our road back in one piece.

An easy ride out today.

P1220335 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

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