Sunday, 18 May 2014

7th May And Antofalla

What do these have in common? ... well not a lot other than it was Ellen's 26th birthday for the 20th time and we were in Antofalla.

Birthday side trip for the day was in order so sans house and contents we took off south along side the salar toward Paraje Vega La Botijuela where Simon lives who is a friend of Walter who runs Alma Gaucho tours.

The track up to the oasis

Simon wasn’t there when we arrived so we had the whole place to ourselves ...even better although it would have been great to have met him.

Was a little muddy/greasy but we made it easy enough

Hot pool, yes a small thermal just big enough for a coupla people ... no room for clothing so we piled in enjoying an epic bath tub view.

This is what birthday happiness looks like

Check out the amazing array of colours in this place, unreal!!!

Crossing part of the salar of the way back, lumpy in places

Frozen, expanded salt and earth ... Jaime this shot is on the moon ...we never found the rover tho

In stark contrast and just 100 meters from that moon surface appears this, like the helmet says ...must look

Mind boggling colours ...what a treat and a half

Part of the boring road back

There are two ponds only about 80 meters apart, one is slightly red

The other slightly blue

I could see myself riding there again

Back to home base at Antofalla for a big feed of Llama steak and chips (fries).

What a great day out on a stunning planet

Happy birthday to you Ellen, this gift was the location chosen at Ellen's request.

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