Saturday, 10 May 2014

La Falda - The Homely Addition

Leaving Finca Rita, John and Annettes place we headed across the pampa, a pretty long and boring straight section but the quickest way to get up to La Falda to meet up with Dan and Sara before heading off to the MotoGP.

Clobbering a big day some 530 km we made it across the flat lands and to the base of where the mountains start, we bunked down in Villa Dolores for the night tired and weary.

With little mileage to make the next day it was a 10 am outa bed start ... little later than planned but no worries.

Soon the boring road stopped and the Argentinean mounts soon opened up welcoming us in offering grand views and cool rock formations with the pass winding its way up and over down into the next valley which houses Cordoba.

Arriving in La Falda mid afternoon we got to Walter and Dagmars with Dans GPS coords which easily got us right to the gate, onya mate!!.

Dagmar welcomed us in, Dan and Sara were out so we sat and had a nice coffee and snacks on the lawn in the sun ....nice.

We were staying there helping with some work around the place, although we were not supposed to be doing anything that afternoon I could not help myself when she said there were leaking pipes by our bedroom.

I set too and cleaned the concrete out from around the pipes exposing the offending three sections, two pack epoxy mix took care of the sealing up of these after some good cleaning etc.

They (Dagmar and Walter) had had a few plumbing issues and some drainage issues so we attempted to get these solved.

Unfortunately the drainage issue was more than we could fix with the gear we had so a plumber will have to sort that out, at least we did the troubleshooting to find out roughly where the blockage lays.

With a fine afternoon we knocked off early at 2.00 pm and Ellen and I took a ride around the block towards Cordoba then heading north back up and over a dirt road.

Was a great ride but a grader had freshly graded the road making for difficult riding then a peat bog hole, Dan and Sara had been through the road prior and it appears a few large trucks had been through there and ripped it to shreds, only one skinny section that was still very slippery for us to get through, this still proved very interesting.

Maya sporting some peat bog...smelly little toad she was after that

Tarmac .. .argh easy going ... ominous cloud that threatened to wash the smelly moto never came through

Our hard work was rewarded with an asado (bar b q roast) that was outstanding, good food, good company, good wine, good times.

Yes some dodgy faces you guys recognize, the two Canadians hiding from the feds ... non other than Dan and Sara from World Wide Ride

My 5 liter bottle of refreshments ... the Asian contingent trying to steal it.

N o i c e

The motley crew ready to eat

Dagmar also wanted some lights changed over, one included a set of four which needed accurately setting out to look right and drilling into a concrete ceiling so no mistakes, thankfully again with time on our side we quietly and accurately marked out, drilled, screwed and fixed in place the four lights much to the pleasure of Dagmar.

The old kitchen fan and ceiling light also got sent sideways being replaced by a groovy LED set which gives the room quite a new feel.

This is the awful view from their home we were made to put up with

So Andinelectricianplumberdrailayerbuilder succeeded again with his trusty Asian sidekick, almost felt like Tim The Toolman Taylor without the accidents.

Having stayed an extra day because Dans back was still playing up we finally set of with the excitement of MotoGP in our sight.

Shoulda been two day trip but somehow all four of us managed to miscalculate the camping start date, seem as everyone got it wrong no one was at fault ... the perfect corporate model.

On our way there were literally dozens of Police stops, just before one an overtaking dickhead cut me off and nearly hit Sara so I went around him much to the disgust of the Police.

We were all pulled over, the car driver nearly sneaking through until I yelled at the Police to stop him, Ellen standing in front of the car and explaining what he had done, thankfully they pulled him over.

Sara then explained that he had cut me off and nearly ran her off the road, we were then let go and they dealt with him.

Although we were firm we also kept our cool with Sara leading the sensible charge, I wanted to smack the driver but that wouldn’t have helped much I don’t think. I took up close pictures of him and the car which made him very uncomfortable .... cool.

Arriving in San and meeting Clive we established then our camping blunder as Trevor Angel was already there waiting for us, we had his entry ticket so we set off and B-lined it to Rio Del Hondo arriving just on dusk to mayhem.

That next ...

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