Friday, 16 May 2014

Antofagasta To Antofalla

Ok, now that you are done reading the Antotitles I will try and explain my way out of it.

Leaving Antofagasta was a perfect windless day, the road starting out ruff and corrugated and slowly improving to just really bad.

As progress was made we made big elevation and the beauty went up, per elevational changes the temperature plummeted, the saving grace was the warming from the sun which can only be described as bliss.

Cresting the top at a little over 4000 the road was a total sandtrap demanding 150% attention from the nut holding the handbars on, a number of times testing the scotts damper which saved our bacon.

Here is one sand trap, I hit a hidden Murphy rock, Ellen almost caught the moment, this was saved but my undies weren’t.

On to brighter things the first glimpse we got of Salar Antofalla was a breath taking one, the second view at the lookout was heart OMG moment ... no way no even close ... more like a fuck me moment!!

Ellen and I stood there gobsmacked and quiet (that doesn’t happen often) as we surveyed the gift from the scenic gods, words and photos don't come close to the view you get.

This is what a happy person looks like

With more colours than a rainbow, longer than any other salar in the world and more to come we could not believe our eyes. this guy -->

Salar Antofalla is the longest salar in the world and is simply stunning, this part of northern Argentina is fantastic, you just need good fuel range, good amount of time, good set of spare fillings for your teeth and take in the good views handed to you courteous of Argentina.

Time to carry on and explore, looking north up the salar.

Heading across the salar to the town of Antofalla was more corrugated sandpits one which saw a tank slapper and boggy sandpit consuming Maya to the axles ... .wasn’t expecting that!!! ... ok, lunch I was shagged from wrestling sandpits and view that nearly wore my eyes out.

The sandpit/road we had come across

Arriving at Antofalla was so cool, one hostel basic but good, a hot shower well earned was had before packing it in and dreaming of tarseal.

Antofalla from the view point

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