Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ponto Pora To Sao Paulo, Santos And Goin Coastal

Leaving Ponta Pora saw us as sorted as we could get with huge thanks to Aldo and Wagner.

Maya had started missing a bit at lower throttle openings but I didn’t think much of it there other than we must have picked up some dirty fuel which will sort it self out with later fills.

Heading to Battaguassu was an easy day, but still cold with the weather system playing a hard game for the day.

We decided to stay there for a coupla nights still feeling a little less than idea with both of us still sporting a bit of snot from a generous donor, I think just travel weary and tiredness etc caught us up.

The crossing of Rio Paraña

Onwards to Ourinhos, very nice and tidy town with lots and lots of shops, looks like a servicing center for the surrounding area, we tried to find a new water boiler as our one crapped itself in Santa Cruz, plenty of big ones but no traveller size boilers, might have to dodgy something up again.

Our last stop before hitting Sao Paulo was Itu, another nice wee town ....no pics though, firstly we forgot the camera and secondly it is just a town.

Slabbing it from Itu we dived off the main drag (still on tar though) and took the back road, arriving in Sao Paulo (another nice wee town of 16 million) we picked up our new debt cards and made our way to our couchsurfers place ready for a fun filled few days.

Like bits of Europe in places

Edu .. our host, his family lives in Santos at the coast so the plan was to invade his family, terrorize them and we were to stay at Edus sisters apartment, firstly tho was a night on the town on Friday night involving grog, lies and dancing with a little chickie chatting up in between (for Edu not me).

How is this for a welcome!!

The had a live band (never seen a dead one) and they shouted out English sounds ....and well.

Not to disappoint it was a 3.30am finish with a skin full of all sorts, dancing and good times.

Come Saturday morning Edu had bottle flu and was as white as a ghost but with a phone number is hand he was a happy chappy.

Santos, cool coast city and loaded with scenery .... of sorts.

Perfect people ... ouwh to be a young punk again

Some of the older buildings in Santos are having foundation problems, see the leaning towers of Santos ... as an engineering type this spooked me

This guy has the coolest yellow shirt

The guy with the cool yellow shirt is still there ... man he can run

Then ... the camera played up, no telling when but seems to be mountain shots and clear felling of bushed areas .. gotta sort that out

Measuring the waves for height

The stonework on the walls is well done and standing up well

Another night at the local, Edu and mates out for fun, we had a few drinks and some dancing then cashed it in, lucky we did as the boys got home at 7.00am.

Sunday afternoon while we were out crusing with Edu and family, 4.30 pm we noticed some black smoke from the port, not a good look and turned out to be a monty sugar fire.

Picture from the internet of the damage

A picture with the mob.

View of Santos from the top, pretty cool

Some waterfront art at Santos

Edus sister Ana Paula and I

After successfully terrorizing Edus family Sunday night saw us cruise back to to Sao Paulo.

I will add at this point Edus family were outstanding to say the least, very welcoming and warm to the two strays that Edu bought to them, they fed and watered us, the only thing we could do was supply the Coca Cola and Guarana as everything else was done.

An uneventful trip saw us safely home, being a school night for Edu bedtime was sought at a reasonable hour.

Monday, relax day, we went for a walk and bought some sushi stuff for tea that night and Edu told lies to his boss so he could come home earlier, Ellen made the bulk of the sushi, Edu was the student and I was the official photographer, such was the job done well we celebrated with a bottle of port .....good times.

Selfies Edu was very happy and proud of the sushi

Tuesday we left back out to the coast via a different road then north us the coast via the BR 101, neat coastal road.

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