Monday, 11 August 2014

Sao Paulo To Paraty To Rio De Janeiro

Leaving Sao Paulo after good times we headed the wrong way over the truckers road to Santos .... was cool tho.

Heading up the BR 101 saw us going coastal, cruising and taking it easy, Maya now running like a bag of shit at lower RPM after the water from the bad batch of fuel made itself at home in the carbs.

We put an additive in but it does not seem to be very successful so far, will see the tank through with the cleaner and assess it from there, really trying to avoid lifting the carburetors out as they really are in the heart of the bike and it is a big job.

We stayed the first night at Caraguatatuba, the town smaller than its name and nice place to stay, the owner of the hostal a petrolhead having three motos including a 600 Tenere.

An easy start to the next day with a walk along the beach (a run for Ellen) then it was was back out on the 101 north along the coast, diving off the main drag saw us go through small seaside villages, very nice wee towns along a piece of paradise.

Ellen jogging down the beach

Small seaside town and river

Trinidade was recommended to us so we took the exist into town, it was quite busy so we decided to carry on out to Paraty Mirim and camp a couple of nights, which turned into four nights as the place was beautiful and we had beaches to ourselves ..... kinda cool.

Road out of Trinadade

In Paraty Mirim there is a beautiful waterfall, again we had the whole place to ourselves so a sit in the sun and listen to the water ... tranquilo

The waterfall

At one beach there was a young Kiwi with a Chinese chickie .....having snuggly buggly cos there was no one else around.

This pic comes with a health warning ... there are splinters on the deck

Our intentions for the following day was to head into Paraty township, a historical place and the first settlement in this region for Brasil however we met another couple from Sao Paulo that were staying at the hostel, they invited us for a 1.5 hours walk which turned into 5 hours and walking through stunning areas of prime beachfront lodges, one place was “if you have to ask the price you cannot afford to stay here” place.

We nearly couldn't afford to take this photo

Stunning place

Here is our temporary millionaires photo

Mum nature decided we had enough great weather and she turned on the rain that night and the whole of the following day so Paraty was cold and wet, seems to be the norm every time we hit a tourist town in Brasil.

Maya, lonely under a tree and sitting in the rain

The flooded streets of Paraty

The hostel we stayed at in Paraty Mirim, very nice place, pictured here with other guest and thw owner Pedro on the right. If you want to find them, go to

There are these small monkeys here and they are cheekie little buggas but pretty cool, they are the size of a small cat

The last 263km stretch to the famous Rio De Janeiro to meet up with Sheldon and Ev, Sheldon is from Ozzie and Ev is an angel sent from Poland, they are travelling on a KTM coloured F800 GS.

Rio De Janeiro up.

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