Friday, 15 August 2014

Rio De Janeiro To Itacoatiara

The road up from Paraty very scenic along the coast, the tail end of the cold spell still playing with us and the road damp in places but as the day grew older the temperature climbed again.

Coastal was the order of the day sneaking into Copacabana the back way which was easy given our hostel was just off the main drag in.

We had organised to meet up with Sheldon and Ev and they had already booked in to the hostel.

On our arrival our booking had been mucked up, the manager who was not there had dropped the ball completely and was quite offensive, we then got the owner Fabio involved who stepped in and sorted it out working everything out to keep everyone happy.

It's not easy to find a reasonable priced hostel in Rio with parking, we were very happy with the location and service.

We spent the next day going for a tour with Sheldon and Ev who were local enough to know there way round ...outstanding!!!!

At the top of the hill in the plants Ellen spotted a green butterfly, hadn't seen these before

Me Kiwi, Ellen Chiwi, Ev Polish & Sheldon Ozzie ....slightly international in Rio

Dodgy bemma riders

Some interested people at the famous stair in Rio

We decided to hit it the next day and head north along the coast line, getting out of Rio was interesting with traffic jams and serious heat, poor ol Maya still runnin rough from the crappy fuel so I will have to clean the carbs.

Ev and Sheldon

We only made it 33 km (big day) ....nearly as far as Itacoatiara when a Suzuki car pulled up beside Sheldon and said where you going?, Sheldon says talk to the guys up front cos they are leading, so the Suzuki pulls up and the dude says where ya going, I replied and said dunno but north and we are turning right here.

A quick conversation before the lights changed he said, there is a nice beach etc follow me so we did, we pulled over further down and he said there is a nice beach etc and if you want you can come and stay at my house .... done deal!!!

So the beach appeared with scenery walking everywhere .... Sheldon and I stoked at the scenery, Eve and Ellen stoked to be a in a nice place but there was chickie eye candy too so everyone was happy.

Paulo (our new found host) took us to back to his house, under the cover was a new 12 Tenere too. Later we found out he met our friends World Wide Ride Sara and Dan in Argentina. Small world.

Ditching the bikie gear we turned into humans and took a walk back to the beach and their local clubhouse which saw us rehydrate and have to go for a swim ... hard times.

A walk along the beach netted some great views and the sun warming our backs and to finish a walk to the supermarket to get sushi supplies.

There is nice sand here too

Ev gettin frisky .... (sorry chick you need different parts for that)

The sand was a different colour at this end of the beach

I like yello

Some real talent here, if I get into this position call me an ambulance

Ellens section, apparently this is good swimming sea

More on Itacoatiara ...... no more beachkini shots though

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