Thursday, 26 February 2015

Carreterra Austral Day 2 Cochamo To Hornopiren

As we had a big day ahead of us needing to do 124 km we were up in time to make sure the birds had not already gone to bed  … yeah slightly relaxing.

After a mischievous start  …. moving right along, we finally left about 11.30 am after scoffing tonnes of berries for breaky from the blackberry bushes.

Only five minutes out of town we came to a halt with a semi trailer tanker spread across the road, in Bolivia this would have been an everyday protest however here it was a mechanical failure of a clutch judging by the awful smells coming out.

P1230251 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

He had all but made it around the corner nearing to top of the steeper part, there were wheel tracks everywhere with scuffing and sliding so you can guess there was some tender moments before it all came to a halt around a corner while going backwards, I think nappies would have been handy for the driver!!!.

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Establishing there was no way around for cars we had just enough room for Maya and with some assistance from the Police pushing we got around and carried on our merry way.

There was a combo of clear then rain, fog then clear and mum natures mind swinging back and forth like a pendulum as to whether to rain or shine, the upshot of the previous days rain giving us a welcomed dust free road.

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Cyclists galore proved to be the biggy of the day and made cornering interesting having to keep an eye out for them as well as avoiding the spending locals who thunder around the blind corners like the Peruvian taxi drivers on BOTH sides of the road, many toots and waves to the cyclists as we made our way south to Hornopiren.

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Arriving at the port we needed to get tickets for the ferry, I went to town to find accom while Ellen sorted the tickets.

We had been given a card for a local hostal so I went to check it out, got the price and it was a little steep (10000 each) for what it was but the weather was looking more dodgy so I said we would be back, heading out to Maya a boy of 8 - 9 years old on a BMX bike said you wonna hostal?

Me, yeah where
Boy, three blocks
Me, ok, how much
Boy 7000 each
Me, ok
Boy follow me.

I followed him down and around and arrive at an equally dodgy place but the lady was nice and the place was cheaper and the industrious young fella deserved something for his work so we said we would stay.

Our day then took an interesting turn we I arrived back at the ferry after doing dodgy deals down back alleys.

Juan (Colombian) and Alice (English) are travelling two up on a 250 Vespa, talk about style and grace, we hit it off well with these guys, they were going camping and we thought about it, taking them to the camp sight via GPS cords it was a nice spot but mum nature was giving all the signs of not playing ball weather wise and besides I had already agreed with my dodgy deals to stay in town.

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Big smiles from two groovy people

P1230297 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

That night the weather caved in with quite a bit of rain so I felt great with my decision, also with a great surprise our hostel actually had wifi, proper hot water, undercover secure parking and a monster wood burner warming the place up.

All in all a great day out and meeting Juan and Alice a highlite for us.

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