Friday, 27 February 2015

Carreterra Austral Day 7 Free Camp At High Pass To Free Camp Just Shy Of Puerto Tranquillo

A great lunch was had with the chinese pies and with the timing of it the rain was trying to start ....tie to hitit!!

Dropping down the zig zag from the pass the temperatures did not improve and in fact got colder as we headed into a snowy laden shower ripping the temperature out of the air. heated grips on full with wet and wind and an ugly windchill factor.

Part way along the road we met another moto rider heading north we had stopped to put on wet gear so he stopped for a chat which was cool.

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Further down the road we also came across a side car DL1000 setup so we stopped and talked with them too, great day out.

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Juan and Alice had been having some air filter issues with their Vespa, Ellen and I spotted some blue smoke so we stopped to take a look and sort it out, Juan had put a filter clothe in to help and it has disintegrated and we think that is what the smoke was, lets hope.

Running late we didn’t make it to Puerto Tranquillo that night, we found a nice grass flat which took us half a km off the main road and a camp with a river front view and sunny…outstanding, we all needed warming up given the day had been so cold.

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The sun dropped taking the temperature with it, some snow shower clouds stealing the rest of the temperature as we cooked and huddled around fire.

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Our camp in the trees

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More rum, international chats, fire good times.

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