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Carreterra Austral Day 6 Puerto Cisnes To Free Camp At High Pass

Heading out of Puerto Cisnes we opted for the loop road around the back and out then back up to the main road.

Hitting the main road set us up for a tar seal section all the way to Coihaque, a pleasant change from hard rock, rolling stones and volcanic sandpits.

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We were completely spoilt with epic views from the fine day, many hanging basins, abrupt rock tops and valleys.

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Coihaque was our restock place for food, fuel and try to get wifi to check the weather.

Sorted and on our way we had 80 km to do to make it to our camp site which is on ioverlander, Juan has the info but no GPS, we have the GPS so we teamed up to make it happen on a daily basis, given accommodation was around $140 for the night in Hostals etc and we had reasonable weather we camped out ever night and always ended up in great locations.

This camp was no different, we found the turnoff pretty easily, once up through the first 100 meters of rolly rocks it opened out to a neat waterfall, being at 1136 meters though it was bitterly cold.

Boys looking for the perfect place to take the cave woman back too, the last of the sun changing the landscape colours

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We backtracked down amongst the trees, set camp and built another fire which was a god send, by about 9.00pm our tent was frozen and this was with a breeze so it was well below zero, again the last of the sun colouring in the upper parts of the hill, it was freezing in the shadows .

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Our campfire was sheltered but a trip over to the boys room 3 meters over to the exposed side of the tree made a toilet stop very quick with extremely cold bitting wind.

Camp and the stunning sky unfolding from the late afternoon sun to sunset

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Sky TV Carretera Austral style turning it on

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Our tent at 9.00pm, see the frosting, add to that the wind of 25 km/hr plus.

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Discussions about life ensued over rum and Maté by the fire.


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Dumplings by fire, never had them baked by fire and they were a total hit, even with Chef Juan who approved with vigor

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Bed time arrived and we were all dressed for very low temperatures but luckily we were all aptly kitted, can never go wrong with good gear.

The morning broke with sun which was a blessing, the tent covered in ice and the temperature sharper than a butchers knife we were happy to feel the least until it clouded over.

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The waterfall was the invite before we left camp, wasn't far up but was semi difficult with steep terrain and loose rocks

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The climb

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At the top WOH HOH

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Getting back down to the bikes was about 1 - 2 o'clock so the rest of the chinese pies gave their life before hit the road again

Awesome awesome places

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