Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Well what can we say it is HUGE.... I guess it is grand.... 

I had been there before but on the south rim so it was great to get to the north rim, weather was good but slightly breezy bringing a cold wee nip in the air but at that altitude it is no surprise.

A little hard to write about something that has been photographed and written to death so we will keep it short and to the highlights.

First highlight/WTF was arriving at the visitor, we asked at the office if we could leave pants, jackets and helmets there for safe keeping, the Ranger in charge first off said hmmmm where can we put it then the staff lady chimes on in and says “oh no we can’t do that Homeland Security won’t allow us to do that”

I ask what is the reason, well she went off on a tangent of safety, terrorism etc etc, so I said straight to her face we are not here to blow the place up we are here to visit and enjoy it, we are tourists, do we honesty look like bad people?, I am starting to get a complex about this now as it is heavily out of proportion and all weighed against the visitor!!

Come on Homeland Security USA lighten up a bit on normal people and you will save billions as well.

Grump over, we did several walks and really enjoyed taking the place in, sitting in the sun just looking, listening and learning, to sit on the edge of the rock is scary but also mind opening to realize how small and fragile people actually are.

Overall the Grand Canyon is just as grand now as I remember it from years ago and now Ellen has seen it too, nice to have shared that with her.

Again, only a few photos mainly of us because .. this is all about us , if you want to see heaps more go to our photobucket page and take a gork http://s1263.photobucket.com/albums/...rand%20Canyon/

Ok pics as promised, as I say only a few to enjoy so as not to bore you.

Some more groovy trees ex forest fire

We were hear 

Big as

A beautiful sitting and looking out to the vista point, we spent about an hour just looking out taking it all in.

A local sunning him/her/itself


On the way back to camp

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