Monday, 10 September 2012

Jackson To Bonneville Salt Flats To Moab

The day started with a breakfast at the local, we shouted our host Keith out for having us stay and giving us help.

On completion of breakfast we said goodbye to Keith as he had to go to work, Ellen and I set off back home to pack up and head South on the roads/track Keith had suggested but while in town we did the touristy photo thing.

Jim and Paul (the dodgy wing dudes) surprised us when they turned up, turns out that they too had stayed the night in Jackson, they had looked at our TMK page and looked on Spot only to find we were only a few hundred metres apart, well they set to, followed the directions and saw the bikes, well done guys and great to catch you up again.

A yarn was had and hugs goodbye and they were on their way and we carried on, packed up and set off South toward Bonneville and to stop half way at a camp near Snowville.

We took various back roads and made a couple of mistakes and ended up heading over a goat track which turned out to be quite fun.

Part of our mission in the space programme was to check up on Rover and see what photos it had taken, couldn't find him tho  .. .sorry NASA.

We arrived at camp a little late but enough light to put up the tent etc.

Following morning with Bonneville in our sights we took a shortcut across the plains on shingle roads etc, we travelled 75 miles without seeing a soul, tar seal was in front of us for some 20 miles then off into the gravel again.

The road was corrugated to hell and smooth in other sections, we did manage to find one of three trees to have lunch under in the shadows before hitting the big desert to Bonneville.

On arriving at Bonneville we went out on the the flat where Burt made us proud, for locals to get in it was $20.00 bucks ... for Kiwis it was free!! :clap

On ya Burt!!!

We carried on out through salty water and salt crystals which soon caked the bikes sticking like shit to a blanket... who woulda thought eh.

We checked out the srutineering tents and there was some seriously high powered vehicle ranging from bikes, car to trucks, they even have a 200 mph tent!!

Ellen and I had our own we race, her riding skill improving to Motard level.... really traction able eh :evil

As we were short on time with our bike failures scoffing nearly a month of our US trip we decided to hit the road to Cantville where we set up for the night.

Next morning we literally hightailed it down to Moab to our next wanted destination, the only highlight was watching a tire blow out and off only metres in front of me with rubber and smoke everywhere, luckily I was not hit by the flying rubber that flew past me.

Secondly was the truck that rolled and caught fire which was front page news, we didn’t see it happen tho.

Moab was hot on arrival and we set up in a RV park which had Wifi and hot showers so a bit of a treat really.

We met two ADV fellos there as well on Triumphs so ended up having chats to them

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