Saturday, 1 September 2012

Idaho Falls - Klim Visit

Finally picked up our bikes from Lelands, although Hobbit’s third gear still noisy, we have wasted so much time waiting for them to be fixed, time to move on or we will never see half of what we want to.

Just before we left, Larry’s neighbour Al came over, Andi and he talked about motorbikes (as ya do). He said he had a few “old” ones, including an Indian. Andi said to him he saw a great one in Kaslo a month ago and will show him some photos only to find out Al is the owner!!!

We both jumped on the fully decorated Indian in the morning before leaving Kalispell and took turns at taking photos. Then AL offered us a ride in his baby car...a 1966 Shelby signed personally by Carroll Shelby .... how cool is that.!!!

The Indian

I think it suits Ellen better

Finally we hit the road to Bitterroot, catching up with the lovely family we met at Caribou Creek nearly a month ago.

Katie was working for the food bank that day till the afternoon, Tom and Nori came home after working on their lake house near Flathead Lake. We all ended up arriving the house nearly same time! Katie showed me her pottery workshop and all the art work displayed around their house. All of her three daughters have inherited her talent, they can draw, design and make beautiful stuff.

Katie and Tom's cat likes our bikes

Their eldest daughter Meg came back the next day in the morning from Missoula to catch up with us. She is an Architect, we are very impressed by her design concept, using natural and recycled material to build cool houses that are sensibly green and easy to heat/cold control.

Tom, the only man in the house, cooked us huckleberry pancakes for breakfast, used his grandmother’s sour dough starter which she gave to him about 50 years ago, yummy!

Unfortunately, we don’t have too much time to spend with them either. Ellen would love to make sushi for them, we have to save it for next time meeting them again, maybe in NZ!

We took 93 down to Salmon. Must be very close to the some serious forest fire, smoke became thick and strong, we even passed one firefighters camp and saw hundreds of tents and vehicles at one place.

The smoke made for some spooky backdrops

We saw some really cool fence work too .... well at least I liked them cos we don't get them in NZ like that

Andi found a place to get his knee down near Idaho Falls just testing the Klim pants and Heidenau tires ... it all worked ok.

We called Mark who is the Klim marketing person and the man that set me up, we contacted him along the way, we had also contacted Edward from ADV rider as tent spacer, Mark invited us to stay with them however we had already sent a request to Edward so we rang Mark to tell him where we were at.

Well small world strikes again, I rang Mark and told him who we were staying with ..... Mark replies “I work with him” ... so now we know the Idaho Falls motorcycling circles are very communal.

With some work to be done to the bikes and Edward having tools etc he invited us to take care of it all before hitting the road, we took the opportunity and went to get some wine for a treat .... we had a groovy night of talking travel, shit, motorcycles, Klim and all the other good things in life.

Dunno who these dodgy buggas are..

Next morning was our official business meeting with Klim being a sponsor of my gear, we met Mark and Edward and we were taken for a secret squirrel tour of Klim including “area 51” which is limited, secretive, sensitive, secured and under surveillance, although we have been sworn to secrecy I can say with authority to watch this space with Klim .... you will not be disappointed!!!

At Klim HQ with Edward

Such was our status we were allowed fotos on the "star of the week park 

Heise Hot Springs also called us for a relaxing plunge and mum nature dealt to us with a thunderstorm of epic proportions, we spotted a camp ground area with a building and a soffit so we piled in under that for cover.

After 10 minutes the rain was still going hammer and tongs, we walked around the other side of the building to the bigger soffit and a lady (Rose) greeted us and welcomed us in out of the rain, next thing she says Klim gear, my husband works for Klim!!! 

... me.. who is your husband? 

Lady .. Mark, 

me are kidding me we just had lunch with Mark!. 

Lady ... so you are the Kiwis staying with Edward   

... me ... well ... yes 

Lady ... r e a l l y she says.. I will just ring him  

me ... doh!!! 

He wasn’t in trouble but it was a very funny phone call, seems that if you don’t know Mark from Klim here you are not a local!! 

Friday night Paul from Klim came around to Edwards place on his F650 Bemma, we helped change his rear tire out and replaced the chains and sprockets for him.

Paul very nice meeting you mate and a pleasure to help you as well.

Saturday morning was a lazy start, Edward and I attacked his KTM 950 SE (note to oneself I must not to slobber on other peoples bikes) this bike has a setup that would make any ADV rider envious including 30L tank and winch ... too many things to list.

A tire change and some adjustments, then it was onto the DR’s, I did our headlight turn off switch and both our new chain guards got RTV behind them and inner tube washers with flat panel washer to try and give them more support and stop them from breaking.

Hopefully this will work.

Saturday evening with groovy tunes playing and some Smirnoffs and beers we had an entertaining night, again mum nature dishing up a thunderstorm with lightning galore and thunder that rumbled the house...luckily we were not in the tent.

Sunday morning is departure day to Yellowtone National park .....

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