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Teton And Yellowstone

Teton And Yellowstone
Teton tops, stunning and abrupt, the camera could not do this place justice and nor can my writing, the recommendation is to go there.

Jenny Lake

So Yellowstone was raved about by many thus it was on our list of must do’s.There is some real beauty and the thermal works are pretty cool.

On entering the park we were greeted by a fat man in the booth who would not let Ellen in until she has signed our National Parks pass for her bike.... WTF ... her bike wasn’t signed???

So he (Park Ranger Booth Police) says she can’t come in,

Me, why not?

PRBP, she has not signed the card

Me, ok chuck us a pen

PRBP, reluctantly puts card on clip board with a pen and passes it too me

Me, pass it to Ellen

Ellen, signs it!

Me, Ellen passes it back

(Interuption) at least 8 cars behind us

Me, pass the clip board back with the signed card

PRBP, unhappily passes me back our card, I then ask for a park map, he says we can have two, I politely say one will do fine ... yet again he was put out ..... Hmmmmm nutha person who needs a job that does not involve people, maybe it is his sister in Mezadian Camp!!.

Eventually we leave the booth after the card fiasco, funny thing is he did not even ask for ID!!!

Mammoth was our destination for the evening so we cruised the park with everyone else at 20 mph and stopped and took it all in.

I am feeling a little inadequate now 

Neat camp site at Mammoth with flush toilets and a great host and hot springs only 2 minutes down the road...perfect.

The hot springs we visited three times as we ended up staying a second night after deciding that we wanted to see the rest of the park so we left our camp set up which made sense.

ADV salute

Cool wee cave

During the evening at the hot pools one of the Feds put a note on Ellens bike saying it was parked illegally and that her plate had been called in for “Driving Recklessly”, there were no “No Parking” signs and we were on the edge of the carpark so we can’t quite figure out if they were pulling the piss or not, secondly I am not sure where Ellen Recklessly drove although I did see her mindlessly and recklessly accelerate from 20mph to 22mph at one stage.

On one of the walks we went to the Ranger lady said we can’t park in the car park because if someone came in in a 12 meter motorhome there would not be much room!!!! ... .and she was serious .... I was waiting for some smart bastid to pop out of the bush with a camera and say “You Have Been Punked”, anyway treat it as a joke but mate the Feds in that park don’t have a sense of humour or even a personality.

How to spoil a beautiful place, just add Park Ranger, give him/her a stupid hat and $1.00 dollar store badge and they think they are Starsky and Hutch.

Mammoth hot pools, go there, absolutely great and so relaxing, can’t recommend that enough and certainly after Recklessly Driving at 20 mph in Yellowstone all day, stunting for that long is just hard work. 

From Yellowstone we left on 212 to Beartooth Pass, that is one seriously high road and fantastic views, there were many forest fire burning so vision was restricted but being there on the top of the world was awesome.

At the base of Beartooth we stopped at road works behind two dodgy dudes on Wings, we said giddays etc then on our merry way to Red Lodge, we did some fud shopping then it was agreed that a nice coffee would top it off before heading to find camp.

We pulled in on the main street and saw the two dodgy Wings parked there, at that point the owner (Jim) came out and over to us, interested in what we were doing he offered to buy us lunch, we agreed on a coffee ..... that is what we wanted.

On completion of their lunch we walked to a coffee shop and were treated to a coffee by Paul and Jim, two mate on a road trip.

We sat and talked for maybe two hours when the shop lady said she needed to boot us out at closing time in 4 minutes ... we read the body language and took the subtle hint ... we said thanks and goodbyes to Paul and Jim, great guys and great afternoon, many thanks guys, just the stop we needed to relax and get energized.

Dead Indian Camp was calling so we hunkered down and got there, we were treated to a magic sunset over the pass just before the camp with the forest fire making for an excellent backdrop of colours ... out came Two Photo Kiwis again.

Arriving at camp we were greeted by the host and a fello ADVer Keith, we all sat round the camp fire and had a yarn, drunk wine and beer ... it was harsh but we managed it.

The following morning Keith gave us some great local info on backroad to Bonneville and he said he would ride with us up to Beartooth where he would turn right, we were ready to go but his KTM 950 was reluctant with the cooler morning so the mighty DR came to the rescue to jump start the KTM .... success and we were on our way.

During our return visit back through the Waterfalls area we followed a R100PD into the parking lot only to find out it was Ken and Carol Duval, what an absolute treat to bump into these guys.

Later that day we caught up with Keith back at his home in Jackson as he invited us to put a tent up in his yard which was well cool.

Thanks to Keith for having us and we look forward to seeing you again sometime.

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