Monday, 10 March 2014

San Pedro De Atacama To Salta

Between San Pedro and the border we found ourselves in some OMG moments being out in the middle of stunning starkness, one just has to stop and take it in.

A jump for joy at the stunning setting we had be handed to enjoy.... just bloody awesome

Live action show of or surroundings

In Sana Pedro there was a number of adventure motorcycle travellers mainly on BMW F800s some we did not catch up with until the following day.

Stopping at the famous Chilean sign TMK sticker proudly joined the many others who had passed this point, at this time we were inundated with Brazilian riders on KTMs and BMWs, the single biggest gathering of other adventure riders on our trip so far in 23 months.

Hitting the border with the boys we were behind two bus loads of gringos so it was like a cattleyard in the customs.

Wasn’t long and we were formally in Argentina heading down toward greenery, destination Purmamarca.

This greeted us along the way, a new car delivery truck that had gone AWOL

Not sure if the driver lived or died, check out the cab

Brazilian boyz passing us, we are going to catch up with them in Brazil, great guys!!!

Salar Grande, no Bolivian in size but spectacularly bright white

Not even half an hour down the road from the previous truck crash .... this

Camping in a camping ground turned out to be a mistake with Argentinians cranking up the sounds from about midnight, they don’t consider anyone else at all on and the neighbouring dogs chiming in pretty much all night so sleep was sparse.

The saving grace, colours around this town here are nothing short of amazing and the name is 7 colours which is easy to see why.

Now in stark contrast within less than a day we rode down RN9 which is 4 meters wide and narrower at points, more like golf cart race track nestled in rain forest.

With Salta in our sights we headed down to get some paperwork sorted by way of insurance etc, we checked out prices for front tire .... fark .... $250 USD for the same thing that is $50 USD in Peru.... I think ours will last a little longer.

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