Monday, 10 March 2014

Tacna To Arica To Putre

Two countries, one border ... WOH HOH new territory

35 km to the border, easy run down, arriving at the border was very hot burning sun with the line up way outside the covered area, hats on no worries, locals shading themselves with their immigration paperwork.

Wasn’t long and we were on our way through the process, border inspection this time including baggage scan and visual check of panniers, we had half a block of cheese with us, either throw it or eat it was the instruction, eat it won.

We parked Maya further in the depths of the Chilean side and carried on with our TVIP, the border guards not saying anything more about our cheese so we took what was left, not sure why the drama cos it is the same clump of land.

We met some nice guys starting a tour that day, all of F800’s and GS1200LC, one guy said to his mates wow the real deal pointing at us and our bike (all covered in shit, dust, oil and mud) and on exiting the aduana/customs they saluted as we rode past, that was humbling for us but the reality is they were at the same border on bikes doing it, respect to them too. .... we too started clean and green nearly two years ago.

Finally through with all paperwork in order and waves and salutes Wallace and Grommit ride off into the Chilean afternoon complete with cheese.

Arica, need money, fuel and lunch, supermarket, perfect place to suss out new pricing for food etc.

With getting lunch sorted we sat outside the supermarket in the shadows, we must have looked poor as a girl with Gatorade drink kindly gave us a bottle, welcome to Chile and a warm welcome it was too.

Putre, 3800 meters high, and in the middle of nowhere ...well somewhere.

Our first taste of welcome to Chile accommodation prices .... bit of a shock, luckily we had rekitted with camping gear in Peru so our renewed approach to saving our budget and enjoying our outdoor experience starts right here and now, the local football field providing home for the night, epic sky TV and a frost to match with white fluff on Maya in the morning.

Our site came complete with log for sitting on ... don't need no poofy chairs , now we are distanctly colour coordinated with Maya and teh tent, blame Doite it is there colour

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