Monday, 31 March 2014

Santiago - Large As Life

Moto servicing, tire shredding, piss drinking, riding, coffee, new amigos.

Leaving Lorraines this is everything we had to look forward too, having been corresponding with Jaime for nearly a year on moto stuff we had organised to meet up.

Taking the coastal road rather than the Ruta 5 mum nature was having an off day and provided a layer of fog stealing our views of the ocean, never mind can’t win em all.

Making our way into Santiago it progressively got hotter and the traffic thickened very quickly it does in a city of 5 million people.

We were very lucky to be invited to stay at Jaimes brothers house which is close to the KTM servicing guys and Jaimes riding amigos, Jaime has a one bedroom apartment so bit tight there.

We rocked into town following Mrs.Garmins good advice who in this instance on this day was 100% correct.

With warm welcome and greetings we followed Jaime to our new home in Santiago, a quick trip to the supermarket and some nice food we cooked up some tea for Jaime and us, in the afternoon we went for a cruz to the main KTM shop lotsa orange goodies everywhere.

Oranges .. not really edible

Having good services etc of a big city we soon had sushi seaweed in hand complimented by rum and wine..... yay.

Being a Sunday, the boys went for a ride, Martyn, Jaime and me, Martyn on his 990 Adventure R and Jaime on his 990 Adventure, me on our 950 SE, Orange it was.

High sun and a Kiwi squint and a stupid grin from Martyn .. looks kinda dodgy and it was

The three ladies ... a rose between two thorns

Our tire had some life left and I did not wonna give anything back, a fist full of fun riding for three hours took care of that.... and yes that is canvas in the middle, prolly only 1000 left in this one Salvi

After match function was at Martyns home complete with Moto GP in Qatar on TV and serving on Peruvian food, great day out

Maya, second hand, scrubby, stuffed tires, knackered chain and sprockets and black oil we took her to Claudios shop to get the monster round completed.

New shoes front and rear, new chain and sprockets, new oil, valve adjustment done, new rear shock from Alex at Konflict Motorsports, air filters cleaned and oiled, horn fixed and the bike cleaned, apart from that there was nothing to do.

Also while we were in town Geoff (Icerider on ADV) arrived in town, very nice guy, a wealth of knowledge and great stories of work as a Helicopter Pilot in the Faulklands, Geoff treated us to pic of the Faulklands and his "flying company car" ... WOW what a weapon, this thing carries 20 men plus cargo

A real pleasure meeting you Geoff, catch up next time.

While Maya was at the health professionals getting a makeover we took in Santiago town, coffee with legs was recommended by a dodgy Colombian so we had to investigate .... nothing to see move along please ...well almost, while we took our work seriously we did enjoy a nice coffee.

With Maya serviced and sorted bike night was on and one of Jaimes friends on a txt message said “bring the Kiwis” he did.

The mob we enjoyed the company of

We had a great night with the local lads with a mixture of bikes including Adventures, SE, Tenere, KLR, BMW 700 etc, great cross section with one interest .... takin shit about bikes!!!

Not a bad lineup of lusties

A huge thanks to Jaime, Martyn, Geoff and the local Santiaghoons for havings us around

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