Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Talk To The Hand - Antofagasta To Lorraines

Talk To The Hand

We left Antofagasta with our flash as Michael Jackson new mostly spent outa round TKC 80 .....WOH HOH.

Chile is great for offering a hand and today was no different, todays offering a was huge.

Mano De Desierto (Hand Of The Desert), a big sculpture in the desert, I first saw this from our friends Grif and Lisa’s pic (gippers travels), unfortunately the colour artists have decided it needed some enhancements none the less still cool to see it in person.

Given our location shade is not a readily available option so lunch it was.

Rest of the day was a Panam tar ride, in our sights La Sarena KTM dealership to replace our fast saddening battery and to bag the only heated grips in this end of the hemisphere.

This was our view for a few days, nothing really to keep posting pics of

A few cool rock ribs to make it interesting every now and then

La Sarena, nice KTM dealership, lots of bikes and a pretty good choice across the board for anyone with a pocket full of cash, KTM parts here in Chile are mighty expensive tho, the most I have ever seen throughout the world without a word of a lie.

After some negotiation over the price we walked away with heated grips in hand and a shiny new battery that cranked Maya into life so no fear of having to push start again.

They relieved us of $408 USD for the two ... I am still bleeding!!!, in NZ they would cost about $260 NZD which is about $215 USD.....much more camping in stall to cover the difference.

With no camping around La Sarena we headed south to a beach part noted on Google maps, we could get off the main road and find a quiet place to camp, along the road there was a disturbing amount of new fencing stopping any chance of exiting to potential campsites, arriving at out planned stop ... no road, big fence so we pulled into a mining road area and hid in some bluegums for the night.

Was cold and breezy with moisture laden air punishing any exposed skin so to bed early was in order.

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