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Diamantina, a similar town to Ouro Preto but felt nicer for us, some places you just gel with easier and this was one of them.

Ellen did the usual go find a hostel, hotel or dumpster bin to sleep in, while she was away I managed to attract the attention of a local bar owner, the bar called “Gringos”, now he saw me sitting and waiting in the heat and bought over bottle of water gratis and gave it to me, onya mate really appreciated that!! ….also attracted the attention of the Police who simply asked if I needed help, at the same time Eduardo came up and was photographing Maya and he speaks English so with his help we explained we were just looking for a place to stay.

The town, beautiful and well kept

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We did get sorted, the courtyard a little tight with Maya filling up a good bit of it.

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Eduardo was there on his Honda Varadero 1000, very nice guy so we caught up with him that night taking a bottle of rum and fizz to chat over, we also joined him in a sightseeing tour the following morning, good times.

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While walking around in Diamantina I spotted a hot Asian chick so took her photo

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We had been struggling to keep water in the header tank in Maya so decided something wasn’t right, there were a few options, blown head gasket , cracked head or failing water pump.

The water pump had 60000 km on it so was a contender and as that is what we could fix easily having a spare on board that was the first option, the others expense wise would be a show stopper for us.

Our hostel man pointed us to a moto shop, turned out to be a Yamaha shop.

On the Monday morning we went in and politely asked (via our Goooogle translate and big smiles) if we could use their workshop to do a waterpump job and we would buy 4 liters of oil, 2 liters of antifreeze and grease etc from them, we needed a hammer and circlip pliers, everything else we have to do the job.

They agreed welcoming us in, they were keen to help and very good to us (the theme of Brasil) so I set too ripping Maya to pieces to sort it out, Ellen went to the shop and bought them some guarana fizz drink which they appreciated too.

Many faces came and went during the day looking at the monster on the bike lift and the gringo getting greasy fixing her.

The shop is Edvel Motos in Diamantina, these guys were seriously helpful to us allowing us some space in their workshop, they have a good selection of parts etc too, if in the town or close and needing something these guys rock.

Although the water pump shaft looked plus or minus ok we successfully fixed the it with a new kit complete.

The crew

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Maya on the surgical table

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The waterpump, although the shaft looked +/- ok we replaced the lot being that far in.

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A huge thanks to Edvel Motos, yet again saved by a Brasilian Yamaha shop

To finish this section of the Estrada Real a small vid we made, not hell exciting Red Bull stuff but its what we did.


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