Saturday, 27 September 2014

Itacare To Rio De Janeiro

Leaving Gali and Itacare were set to down the tar, we met up with Adriana who we had met at the Buzios Rally and stayed 3 days there again taking in some beach time.

On arrival Mrs.Garmin had sent us astray with 3 streets having the same name and both we had in were incorrect, we parked behind a white F800gs and the owner came out to greet us with enthusiasm which was cool, he contacted Adriana for us and few minutes later she arrived on her NX400 Honda to lead us back to her place.

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Ellen out on the reef

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The port area to Porto Seguro

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From Adrianas we again set off south down the BoRing 101, this unfortunately is a truck infested toll road however we needed to make some ground, our lower steering head bearing needed some work with the bottom bearing suffering 66000 km of hard work and starting to show signs of wear with a notch in the center so heading back to Rio to MotoBiu's to buy some bearings and seals from him as he had helped us prior, nice to support those that have supported us.

We decided to do front wheel, back wheel and steering bearings all at the same time and be done so this will see us to the finish of our trip. (that is awful to say )

Vitoria, a moto bar b q was on and we tried to find it but with no luck, the waterfront is huge so it was like trying to find a KTM in Brasil , giving up on that we took our turn inland via another national park which was a back road treat after the 101, we really wanted to turn right heading deeper into the park but we were sitting on the edge of a big rain and in the middle of a red clay soap road on 90% spent "tireds" ... most of the black bits that stick out already gone so we opted out to the main road for a short stint.

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I think there might be an election coming

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Again turning off we hit a very nice wee back road through to Nova Friburgo to Lumiar which was our destination, we wanted to catch up with Kamilla as well on our way through but she was sway so timing did not permit.

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In Lumiar we stayed at a hostal and the dude rode a Harley so was very welcoming, pictured here is Ellen and his good lady, nice people.

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Leaving Lumiar our destination was back to Paulos and Moto Biu to do the bearing job, as usual we could only get 90% of what we needed so had to order two bearings in to complete the order, no biggy, all off the shelf bearings so easy to get.

Getting sorted ... that next

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