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Lencios - Chapada Diamantina National Park


Finishing at Capão we rode around the corner (76km) via dirt, sand and tar to arrive in Lencois, a little more touristy but a very nice place all the same.

A symbol along the road section

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We were looking for an economic hostal when three men passed by … and talked English, they asked do you need help, we said well yeah we need a hostel or Pousada, turns out one guy owned a Pousada and said come have a look.

Well it was slightly out of town (3 minutes walk), very quiet, moto parking, so so wifi and the price was right, we were in.

We had only just settled in and were sitting checks e’s after being wfiless for a few days when I heard a sound, an odd sound for that area, I was sure it was a V twin.

Curiosity got the better of me and I checked it out, poking my head out the gate and down the road there was an 1190 KTM Adventure R parked on the road. Time to check it out, so I met the owner and we discussed his bike etc before saying we were next door on our SE.

He came and checked out our hostel as the parking was way easier, he ended up taking a room there as he is kicking around fr another month or so …because there is a woman involved … typical.

Martin Leonhardt is his name and he has been on the road for 11 months so far.

The first day in Lencios was market day so a huge fruit market, perfect timing for us so we made the most of it.

Armed and dangerous with bananas we rode out to the blue pools, the afternoon clearing up in fine fashion presenting us with a cave all to ourselves for about an hour, stunning, peaceful, cool and a nice place to sit and observe the color changes within the water and limestone walls, these days you know you are alive.

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Just stunning, I was stuck for words watching this unfold in front of us

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A couple from northern Brasil came to the cave, she was beautiful with colourful clothing which made a quite a statement and with the contrast of the cave colours and backround ...well here she is, I love this photo.

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On the way back we took a shortcut to be nosy, it was anything but a shortcut and yet again I have not learned to stay on tarmac.

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To finish a pleasant and sunny avo we sat at the base of a long waterfall ( name Poço do Diabo : Devio’s pool) and pond which Ellen made the most of.

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Sossego Falls, that was the plan for the next day, mum nature turned on a fantastic day, the walk 7 km along an easy track with some rock hopping at the last 3/4 km to the end.

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The reward was water to swim in and sun to sit under, what a treat another reminder we are alive and well.

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There was some other people there this time so not quite having it to ourselves but the scenery was nice to look at so ….not too bad eh.

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Now purely by accident from the shot above .... anyway you get the picture (if you look harder) ... you can see the natural grain of the branches ...was that a lucky shot or what

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Back to the programme Ellen enjoyed here swim and climb behind the waterfall

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A nice walk back into town and a quick visit to the waterfalls or more like a huge natural slide called Ribieroa do Mieo at the end of our street where again Ellen went for a dunk and I utilized the sun to recharge my solar panel.

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All in all Lencois a fantastic place to visit and well worth the stop, in fact the whole Chapada Diamantina National Park is excellent.

Just some local town photos and with Martin and his 1190 keeping Maya company.

Martin with Ellen, Martins webpage

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Local music groups playing in town

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Any alleyway with bars, pubs and restaurants, very nice place.

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We were there on a full moon and a clear night, lucky!!

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Itacaré next, gone coastal again.

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