Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Mission was to find Gail, this time Mrs.Garmin was correct to the mm. Easy parking, easy to find, easy to our room.....the perfect landing which does not happen often.

Arriving early in the day meant we could use the rest of it for sight seeing and beach time talking travel, bikes and beach scenery.

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Check out this little dude

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The late afternoon sun with background cloud creating some spotlights to highlight the view, pretty neat really.

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Gail was still suffering an ankle injury from a small binning in Bolivia so an easy slow walk was in order and Gail enjoying being able to start and exercise it again after seeing a witch doctor / janitor / local surgeon / someone who nodded and said nothing broken....all in silence or Portuguese...the same really for us

Hitting beaches was cool, very relaxed place with a great feel to it and surfers making to most of the waves from the southern breeze whipping up a serving of fun for them.

Ellen busy taking photos again of young six packers relaxing, sorry Zoe it's not what your expected, the real Sexy packers will come soon.

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Discussing places to go etc saw Gail heading north to Lencios and us heading south to Arraial d' ajuda, for both of us a hoon down the tar.

There are guys on the beach with little coal fires from which you can buy grilled cheese etc, pretty neat

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It is a very tranquil place to sit, relax and take in the surrounding, we were not the only ones take a moment or two to appreciate our surrounding, also Ellen likes this tatoo

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As dusk unfolded so do the change light of the day with the added guest of a small rainbow lining the sky.

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The sunset finishing a great day of chats, drinks and amigos.

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