Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Great Night Out - Two Grateful Kiwis

In between the mayhem we had with Chiwi we had organised prior to meet Susan and Grant Johnson from HU, the Camp Mum and Dad of adventure world travel by bike.

Given that Grant has been very ill we were extraordinarily lucky to have a couple of hours over a dinner with them, for us this was better than meeting the pope.

Grant through his difficulties is as ever very positive and still took the time out to give Ellen some great riding advice and to chew the fat about travel and bikes, something I can talk about about until I am blue.

A huge thanks to you Grant and Susan, inspired and inspirational does not come close to how we felt over the evening and onwards, as Grants says if it is just a problem it does not matter and it can be solved, after me feeling angry about the oil seal saga with Chiwi I felt a little small to be honest compared to what Grant has gone through with Cancer and will continue to go through for some time and the extra work and responsibility that Susan has to take on regardless.

You guys are the true definition of a team, we will take a leaf from your book and use them very wisely for our life and travels.

Again thank you for your time

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