Thursday, 2 August 2012

Peachlands To Whistler To Vancouver

The following morning we kicked ourself out to get on the road from Peachlands, Mike was given permission from she who must be obeyed to come for a ride with us and make sure we left the district without flogging anything.

Mike treated us to backroads and beautiful views that we would never have seen without the local knowledge so this really iced our already nice cake.

The shingle road turned wet .. mainly because it was raining (funny that) so that demanded a bit more attention.

Mike rode with us to the Spencers Bridge, this was his turn around point to head home, we then continued on to Lilooet and had a really neat ride, along the lakes it was getting cold to the point our mirrors were fogging over, it was only 6 - 7 degrees C .. we even had our heated grips on.

This was one part of the road which was almost one lane ... almost exciting

We arrived in Whistler early evening and set up camp, our neighbour Jeremy who was on a BMW 658 was a great fello to talk with, we exchanged info and gave him The Milepost on PDF rather than the huge book (note fire lighter) that he was carrying.

At camp the trees were tall!!

The morning dawned overcast so a comfy temperature with riot gear on, Ellen and I decided that since we only had 142 km to get to Vancouver it was as easy day so we would head in Whistler and spend part of the day taking in the place.

That is when our day fell apart, we arrived in the main street and Chiwi was pissing oil out everywhere, she left a puddle on the road and the car park.

Swear words beginning with F were echoed not so quietly under my breath along with WTF are we going to do now? Tools out and investigate the issue for a start.

I removed the countershaft sprocket cover, then the sprocket to reveal the seal has completely popped out of the case, couldn’t believe it but there it was so I removed the seal, cleaned it and checked for damage, it looked a little unusual on the outside.

It wasn’t two minutes when a local came by and regonized Chiwi had a guts ache with all the chunder on the ground. He told us where we may be able to get a new seal and some oil, the oil was right but no seal within a bulls roar, I picked up some oil for which I was charged enough to buy an oil well but we needed it.

A plea for help from local ADVers

Chiwi was WELL undersealed!!

It was then up to Dr.Delis DR650 street mechanic extraordinaire to fix Chiwis problem, I lubed the seal up and got the alloy dolly out to refit the seal to get us to Vancouver, on pushing the seal onto the shaft then into the case it just dropped through the hole with no real effort, this really worried me as I thought well it will just fall back out.

So good was the job I did it got Chiwi safely to Vancouver, the North Shore Suzuki were very uninterested in helping us which was pretty disappointing, Modern Motosports did help us by providing the name and number of Mt Baker Motosports to whom we later took Chiwi to (US purchased bike in Canada ..Them and The Us’s).

While at Modern Motosports we contacted expat kiwi David, we were organised to stay with them that night before heading to Vancouver Island, Davids work is just down the road so he rode down and caught up with us, he had just purchased a wee strom from Modern Motosports so he new the owner, this helped us too.

A decision was made not to go down the motorway but take the back streets, this turned out to be a very long haul as we caught the traffic and roadworks, the result is that David left after us and beat us home by a long shot, never mind we did get there in one piece which was the aim of the game.

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