Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Google Reader Writing Colour

Good afternoon readers, followers, stalkers, family and friends.

Some people have made a comment that Google Reader is very light coloured, this is because our TMK blog report is a copy and paste of the ADVer ride report.

It becomes very hard work and would be very time consuming to recolour all the wording again so please can we suggest two of the following better ways for you guys to get the most from our shenanigans,

Simply log onto Two Moto Kiwis Web Page then you get the photos as well or you are welcome to follow the Adventure Rider Forum Ride Report 

This way you will get better bang for buck and everyone is happy, internet time is very precious for us on the road (time wise) so if you can do the last little bit to help us out by clicking on either link and your experience will be better too.

Luv to all

Andi & Ellen Delis
Two Dodgy Kiwis

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