Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kalispell And The Whining Post

The sole reason to come 150 miles north from Missoula was to get Hobbit and Chiwi sorted out hopefully once and for all, 3rd gear was groaning badly in my bike and had been getting progressively worse from 5000 miles until Lelends took it apart at 11000 miles.

This is an image of a 3 month old DR650 

On pulling down Hobbit they found 3rd to be bad .... blue from excess heat bad with hardening coming off (what a surprise), two set of cases were supposed to have been sent to fix the oversized countershaft seal hole however only one lot turned up with some confusion with Suzuki that Ellens bike had been fixed??? .

New cases with number put back on

3rd gear, turned blue from heat, suspect from the hardening coming off and creating drag.

With 3 months to spend in the USA before our B2 VISA’s expire we have now used 3 weeks of this getting the F%&^$n Suzukis sorted out and we are not there yet, we have a good long time for our trip however our US bought bikes are now stuffing our US based trip, bearing in mind it cost us $3500 NZD with flights, application fees, interviews, time of work etc to get these so essentially it has already cost us over $583.33(approx) a month just to see the place before we had even set foot here.

So this is the whining report of broken bikes and way behind on looking at what we want to look at, we may consider extending our VISA’s providing they don’t royally rip us if we can so we can at least see the US instead of Suzuki dealerships.

Suzuki, you have a known problem, sort it out as you have now cost us a lot of time and money which we are less than impressed with, this will prevent other RTWers doing a Suzuki Shop Tour like we have been forced to do.

Lelands Suzuki, the non whining part, these guys are simply great to deal with and really pulled out the stops for us as best they could with red tape removal and getting stuff sorted but they too are jammed in the middle, these guys are our saving grace.

We can’t complain really as the weather has been fine and we went to Glacier park again (but should have been west and back beyond Yellowstone by now!!!) but we will, sometimes you get a shit build up and now we are at that point where prematures failures are causing us time and monetary issues and being on a budget the last thing we need is unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary failures that beat our budget up as that means something else has to give!!!!!

On brighter note Ellens riding is coming on well, we are as at writing our whinge report in a Walmart Carpark and Ellen is practicing her U turns, stops, starts etc which is cool.

Not long now and we may even be back on the road and be able to put the practice to pleasure.

New Note To Add

Today is Friday the 24th August, Lelands rang and told us that they needed a part that only a New Jersey Dealer had so it won’t be here until Saturday afternoon at best.

They wanted Ellens bike in so they can start that and make some progress, we took it in which left us stranded for wheels so they kindly lent us a DL1000 so we are leaving the country and heading back to Canada for a few days so we don’t waste any more time.

The camping ground that we have been staying at White Birch the owner Larry has been outstanding to say the least, very friendly and accommodating and he is even looking after our gear while we are reduced back to one loner bike, Larry your support in a time where things got tight for us was mint and we really appreciate it.

Bye bye USA hello Canada ...we are BACK!!!!

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