Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Missoula To Kalispell

Monday August 13th 2012

Lance takes my bike to work to check the balance of the front wheel, he didn’t even make 100 metres and Hobbit spat the countershaft seal out, same problems as Ellens bike Chiwi.

I had previously written to Suzuki asking if there was a bad batch of cases on the later 11’s and early 12’s but they had not replied.

Both bikes are only 3 months old, my has 11200 miles and Ellens had 8000 miles on it, 99% road use.

All warrantee work is at the dealership and it is on us to get the bike to the dealership despite it being a Suzuki problem, this has cost us dearly now with excessive amounts (10 Litres) of oil be poured through the engines only to have it all spat out on the road.

After a while I have started to not see the funny side of this and I am quietly getting angrier at Suzuki for not owning up earlier, being RTW bikers it adds an extra time, expense and energy just to get the bike to the shop which I don’t believe they appreciate.

We do expect some bits and pieces but come on Suzuki you are fast destroying a reliable reputation here and it is getting to test our patience especially when it hits us in the wallet for new machinery.

Friday 17th at 5.30 pm we left Lances place after getting some positive info from Lelands in Kalispell.

We decide to take the back roads north so headed on out through Plains and Hot Springs, we did make a navigational fopar so carried on through to Elmo where we found the camp ground for the night, tent spaces were full and we were offered a catamaran to sleep in, how cool is that!!!

Now we have accommodation for Two Floaty Kiwis, the sound of the water tapping gently against the hull was very nice, this was a first for us sleeping in a cat so it was coul.

The following morning we were treated to the very generous offer from Les of a hoon on a jet ski and to take Kayaks out as well to enjoy the sunny day, we duly accepted both and had a blast, first Ellen and I went out then I went out for a one up hoon doing hamilton turns etc ........well cool.

We then went out on the kayaks with Les and his sister Crystal, we enjoyed a great chat and paddle around the lake edge while taking in spectacular views of the surroundings.

Eventually we left to head up to Kalispell just prior lunchtime to find out the bike parts fate.

Clocking in to Leland Suzuki in Kalispell on Saturday18th after waiting most of the week in Missoula, Lelands advised that “most” of the parts where available bar a couple of bearings.

So being forever positive and looking to turn baddies to goodies we set too and decided to explore some more around Kalispell and make the most of all the time staying within a stones throw in case either bike let go again .... kinda like diarrhea and not leaving far from the toilet.  

A decision was made to go to Lake Koocanusa via Marian through the Pleasant Valley, this turned out to be quite an adventurous road in itself.

We didn’t make it to the lake as we stopped off at a small river and met some local hooligans who invited us in for a swim and the camping was free so that was mint and fitted our budget perfectly.

If you think this looks like a Chinese Laundromat that is because it is!! 

After setting up camp we piled into the river for a swim and sat in the sun, outstanding!!, on conclusion of the playing we were invited over to join them for home made burgers, I tell ya that had so much more appeal than the rice we were cooking.

A fire was lit, drinks were poured and general shite was talked around the fire until we all went to bed, Shawn who was one of the lads was a bit crook after being attacked in broad daylight by Tequila....he had bottle flu in the morning.

Saying goodbyes after a monster breakfast of leftovers we did a loop of the lake and headed to Libby then over to Bull Lake to make camp for the night, stunning place, warm water so swimming was on the agenda.

Nec morning the large Cedars were calling us to have a look, these monsters were 500 years old and 2 -3 metres girth and beautiful but size does matter fellas, we have trees 2500 years old and 14 metres girth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C4%81ne_Mahuta

You can take a million photos in here, beautiful place.

Gettng back to camp we packed up and headed south and back around to Polson to catch up with Maren and Rocky, we ended up staying the night before escaping at 7.30am in the morning to Kalispell to Lelands Honda and Suzuki.

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