Saturday, 29 September 2012

Andi's Birthday

It has been over a week since we arrived in Fresno, Andi hasn't got time to put any photos on our RR co he is busy replacing parts, doing maintenance and enjoying himself ... who woulda thought eh!! , I have to take over and just do it.

Andi's birthday, first time in his life he is younger than his twin brother in NZ...

The day started from a beautiful sun rise

Followed by surprise gift from Geoff and Gus (It's Gus's birthday too) from Ozzie, you need look hard the left bottle to see the difference

a decent American BBQ

Ellen's famous Sushi

some Crayfish

and a nice new hair do

We did have a cheesecake

but Maestro (the cat ) wants to crash the party

with the real life Karaoke, we all sang "Happy Birthday" ... thank god (or the winemaker) for wine 

in the end, we all retired to the couch, ARAI need a design change for piss drinking 



Roger said...

Awesome..happy birthday, I share my birthday on the same day!

Mrs Shrek said...

Hey Andi
Happy belated birthday.
Looks like it was a good one

Anonymous said...

Awesome report! Glad u had a blast :) nice digs too
Erin Lee in Montana