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Fresno - Big Bike Session

Fresno - The Big Bike Session
Friday 21st.

Well we had organised to catch up with Shann a good mate of mine and his good lady Tonya who we had not met as yet.

Coupled with it being my birthday on the 25th it was the ideal time to take a brake and do some much needed catchup work on the bikes as well as spend some quality time with a good mate on my birthday, life is good.

Our list for the bikes included, rear tires change, sprocket hub and wheel bearings, air filter clean, failed LED light replacement, wire in the POV power outlets, replace Ellens side cases, adjust the fuel intake pipe, oil and filter etc, apart from that we were up to date.

Greetings were had as we had organised to meet at Clawsons Suzuki, an easy point from Shanns work, we then followed Shann home.

We met the lady who managed to tie him down, Tonya, very nice lady and very welcoming.

Saturday 22nd.

We did nothing, had coffee, went to Costco etc and had a very lazy day.

Sunday 23rd.

In the morning we set off to Pismo beach, on the way we stopped at a winery .... WOH HOH 11’s, I felt like seafood for lunch so that seem to win with the crowd, we ate at The Splash which was very nice, following lunch we went for a stroll along the beach and poked our heads into the caves, very relaxing and nice to stick our feet into salt water and sand.

We headed out onto the pier, normally talking about Pelican we would be referring to the cases, these where just hard case.

Imagine what you could do with a neck that twisted like this 

Who can out-steer who??

On conclusion of the walk we headed north to Hearst Castle and headed back home via a winery valley.

Nice sitting in the back and being driven

Shann has a cat/alien ..... it seemed kinda normal ... ish

As time went on we were staring to get suspicious as the antics were very robotic

Busted ...... confirmed this was in fact a battery powered alien cat cleverly acting as a prostitute as a disguise ... didn't fool us tho

Monday 24th.

Went to the Apple shop to get our trackpad sorted out as it was on a part time holiday, did some writing first, swimming and general mucking around.

Shann took us to In and Out, better than Mc Dees by a long shot and a first for us, really enjoyed that.

Towards the end of the day we went to the Dollar Tree where everything in the shop is 1 buck, could not believe the selection of goodies you can get.

Tuesday 25th September 2012, 46 but not Rossi.

My birthday, all about me and it was, I am an identical twin and Paul my twin bro is in NZ, for the first time in our life I am one day younger than him, we are 4 minutes apart at birth, bit of useless information.

So the funny thing was it is meant to be a relaxing do nothing day (which we had already done), Shann and I spent some quality bloke time working on the bikes and talking shit, tires changed, Oil changed, etc so great progress.

Carbs lining up for surgery

Oil and Tires ready to go on and in

Bombs away on the oil

Ellens damaged case replacement underway

Shann getting ready to change his oil

My Cush drive bearing broke off the internal shoulder part of the cup, very weird, was going to replace them regardless but was surprised to find one part broken ???  

Heidenau K60 Scout taken off at 12200 miles, I could have easily squeezed another 400 - 500 miles out of it if I had too, we are very happy running these, we are running the 140/80-17 which fit in perfectly.

Nice to have access to a jack to make life easy 

LED marker light replacement under way with some quick soldering to be done

Geoff and Gus also did some dodgy dealings with Ellen and Shann and had organised to put their own trip sticker on some Ozzie red called Yellow Tail which was absolutely mint, onya dudes.

Wednesday 26th

Was a continuation of bike work, took time to get sorted properly and at the conclusion I was very happy in my mind that everything was done properly.

Thursday 27th

Can’t remember so it musta been good.  

Friday 28th

Kings Canyon, as Ellen and I had not been there we took a road trip in Shanns hack, bloody thing didn’t have a roof but that made it easy to take photos.

We did go to roads end and really enjoyed the ride which was swift at times but being able to look out the window without multitasking and having to watch out for terrible drivers made it a real treat.

Hair is our shiny hered driver 

As usual the scenery was terrible but we made the most of it 

Neat cottage from yesteryear

Hoods lookin tough

Shanns hack

Shann with his hack, we don't have wide angle lens to take in the whole corner so we used Ellen's sunnies, kiwi invention bro 

Interesting tree

Superb riding road 

On our return to Fresno we picked up Bryce (Tonya's son) and went to Chipotles mexican food, YUM, very very nice indeed, no pics as we were starving and forgot to take photos.

Saturday 29th

Shann and I got to go for a bloke ride with just the two off us so something we had been planning for ten years, coupled with his local knowledge we went to local lakes and mountain roads, we had a blast, he let me ride his 900SS .... a quick trip down memory lane with handling, power, brakes etc ..... something we don’t have now. 

Parked at the lake

Take him for a ride and he just flips me off 

And again .... mum warned me about boys like him

Adv gear and sports bike .... don't think that combo will even take off

I was on the ride too 

Over one of the passes it go so cold the arse fell out of the temperature. it would have dropped to 25 deg C 

...guess you could say I lost my cool 

Sunday 30th

Shann, Andi, Ellen and Greg (Shanns dad) go to Yosemite, I think we were escorted out of Fresno so we didn’t nic anything on the way out. 

Lunch spot was at Oakhurst and burgers were the order of the day, Greg had a generous moment and shouted us our lunch... we musta been polite or something , thanks dude!!!, upon finishing at the trough we carried on to Yosemite National Park and formed a game plan to head through to Tunnel view point where pictures would be taken and Shann and Greg would ride back to Fresno leaving us homeless. 

Greggs bike looks like it has dipped into a chroming tank so photo ops for the twisted minded were in order, we utilized the shape of the tank which made some cool pics.. so enjoy a quick trip into my mind.

Ellens bike

Shanns bike

Being friendly

The whole bikie gang looking hard arse

Ellen and I then set camp and were given a lucky break in a FULL camp 4, some people had just gone so it was our lucky day given people had queued earlier for 3 - 4 hours.

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