Saturday, 13 October 2012

Nevada Desert

Tuesday morning Scott and Joanne had to make sure the wheels of industry were turning while Ellen and I set off toward Crater Lake via some dodgy backroads Scott had directed us to, we started on part of the road from the day before so familiar territory then head up to Gerlach, then up via Vya then on towards Adel.

A stop along the way

A pond that was slightly green ... I am sure it was safe to drink 

So you think in the desert there is not much to take photos of....

You are right .. to a point anyway

We were not going to make Adel as Ellen was spent and dropped the pace considerably which I recognised straight away so we started looking for camp at 4.30 pm.

We explored a few avenues off the road which were cow trails, I saw a hut with an access road so had a look up that to find a locked gate so I returned back to the road, we continued with options running low as the pace is covered is Sage bush and the wind was picking up.

We came upon the Antelope Sanctuary so we turned off up to that, we saw what looked to be a lookout type building so headed for that ... well we arrived there to find a cabin made of stone with windows and fireplace and bunks.... we couldn’t believe our luck.

Wine was in order as we watched the sun go down, we set up had Tea (Dinner) then I set too and wrote this report while listening to the wind whistle around the building, this was a nice feeling.

We had the whole place to ourselves and an amazing sunset with outstanding desert colours

So it s is 8.03 pm now on Tuesday night, it is pitch black outside, Ellen is in bed and the last of my wine has evaporated so time for the human battery recharge and have the wind sing us to sleep.

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