Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Back At The Dealer

We turned up on their doorstep at 8.00am, they took my bike in and said they would drain the oil which they did, they removed the filter as well.

This is what came out, this is 10 miles worth, i.e. from dealer to Shanns then back to dealer.

They put new oil in and a Suzuki factory paper filter claiming my washable stainless filter was not good enough.

Their tech took it for a 6 mile ride, came back pulled the sump bung and filter, the filter was grey with an alloy/bronze look about it.

I could repost the picture above and it would be no different to that.

Their manager fello chimed in saying that something was definitely wrong (no shit) so they are pulling it apart again.

3rd gear still grizzles and the shit continues, I asked if they could get Suzuki to just replace the engine complete as they have spent more trying to fix it than the bike is worth, we have now been off the road with failures for more than 25% of our trip and it is costing us money and time now not to mention stress having to deal with immigration or more to the point irritation. 

Now we play the waiting game again, another two weeks? who knows.

Can a shitty day get worse, yes is the answer to that with the destruction of my 1 month old G9 communication set.

I am about ready to pack it all in and go home. , I am out for a walk to consider my options now.

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Anonymous said...

Remember what we said back before you started at your place in Wanaka.
Hard times certainly are what make the story.
It’s what makes your trip different to anyone else doing the same thing.